Georg Vogel

Georg Vogel by Marie Jecel

Georg Vogel is a keyboardist, composer and instrument maker. Aside from regular solo performances, he leads the 31-tone ensemble Dsilton (with David Dornig and Valentin Duit), Flower (with Raphael Preuschl and Michael Prowaznik), Tree (with Andreas Waelti and Michael Prowaznik); he also … read more »

impuls Festival 2021

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For the 7th time, the IMPULS FESTIVAL offers a rich and versatile daily music and discourse program. Normally presented at various, quite diverse stages and venues also apart from traditional concert settings, this year’s edition will focus on concerts and presentations at … read more »


The music of Dsilton consists of energetic arrangements in 31 equal temperament with modulating rhythms. At Dsiltons current program, cycles of Georg Vogel & David Dornig are interlocked. Concerning the techniques of composition and the frames for improvisation all pieces share together … read more »