kickjazz 2022 poster

Raising the curtain once again on local jazz talent: KICK JAZZ will gather the most promising acts of the up-and-coming local jazz scene at PORGY & BESS on December 6 and 7, 2022. KICK JAZZ festival offers up-and-coming domestic jazz formations the … read more »

Kick Jazz 2020: December 15-16

Curtains up for Austria´s local jazz scene: After four successful editions in previous years the KICK JAZZ 2020 festival will gather the most promising local jazz formations on the main stage of PORGY & BESS on December 15-16 and virtually show what the local … read more »

Jelena Popržan

Jelena Popržan (c) Wolf Dieter Grabner

About 10 years ago JELENA POPRŽAN started performing with the duo CATCH-POP STRING-STRONG, and built her international reputation as an imaginative arranger, expressive vocal artist and entertainer with comedic talent and political italian commitment further with the world-music quartet MADAME BAHEUX and … read more »

Strong String Duo: Catch-Pop String-Strong

Jelena Popržan and Rina Kaçinari are the perfect example of how one, without problem, breaks boundaries and freely traverses borders; not only musically, but having both been raised in conflict-laden countries, the one from Serbia, and the other from Kosovo-Albania respectively, have … read more »