Max Nagl

Photo of Max Nagl (c) Johannes Novohradsky

For three decades, Max Nagl has been an innovative and influential member of the Vienna music scene. His work as a saxophonist, bandleader, and composer combines a wide array of musical genres into a unique, instantly recognizable style. He studied piano at … read more »

Austrian Music Box12: Jazz & World

In recent years there has a lot been going on in the local music scene. An extraordinarily vivid group of innovative jazz musicians are increasingly shifting into the spotlight of international attention. The steady rise in attendance at concerts shows that people … read more »

Max Nagl

Looking at the numerous projects in which Max Nagl is involved, one thing instantly becomes quite clear. This is a musician who wants to create his own freedom and for whom the words “fear of contact” are a foreign term. There is … read more »