Contemporary Music – Today?

Contemporary music is now widely established, but still represents only a small segment of  the music market and the public media. The still noticeable elitist claim of contemporary music is increasingly at odds with current trends in artistic activities. Can the concept … read more »

Witten Days for New Chamber Music

27th – 29th of April 2012: This weekend musicians and music lovers from all around the world will gather in the Germany city of Witten for a three-day international festival full of contemporary music – music that has literally never been heard … read more »

TonBild 2011: Winners Announced

To be quite honest, we were not expecting so many entries.  More than 70 artists submitted their audiovisual works to the first competition Tonbild 2011, organized by mica – music austria. The terms for the competition were the submission of videos from … read more »