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Europavox Festival & Coaching Export Program

Europavox WUK 2017

Since 2006, Europavox is a pan European collaborative music project entirely dedicated to the promotion of European cultural diversity. At the next edition of Europavox Festival in Clermont-Ferrand, taking place from June 28 – July 01, the Coaching Export Program will be launched. The new … read more »


Mynth (c) Niko Ostermann

The twins Giovanna and Mario from Salzburg make up the electronic duo Mynth. They create a captivatingly restrained yet demanding mix of trip-hop and analog synth sounds. The most diverse shades of melancholy are embedded in synth-dream-pop landscapes which are then painted with … read more »


Mynth (c) Kerstin Musl

Mysterious, electronic, and melodic. The musical twins MYNTH have stayed true to their style on their second album “Parallels” (Seayou Records). And it is not only recognisable, but also very catchy. “Smog” is the first song on Parallels. There is a lot to … read more »

Mynth – “Urge”

The Salzburg Duo MYNTH, consisting of the twins Giovanna and Mario Fartacek, will present in February 2016 their debut album “Plaat II“. Their Debut-EP “Polar Nights“ was already released in February 2015 and had immediately created a large fan base for them. As … read more »