Ebow (c) Marko Mestrovic

EBOW first appeared in guerrilla shows in laundries, supermarkets and trams. Today the artist, who lives and works in Vienna and Berlin, performs on more conventional stages. But her message remains provocative and political, calling for solidary and an equal society. Solo, … read more »


Flut © Seayou Records

It all started out with a portable VHS camera, that FLUT heavily fell in love with. Inspired by its crude and dirty 80s aesthetic, they paved the way from modern synth minimalism to tremendous stadium rock. But not only in their music, … read more »


Neuschnee (c) Elodie Grethen

NEUSCHNEE has been in existence now since 2008.  Even though Neuschnee translates as “new snow”, we aren’t talking about a temporary ice age, but instead about a fine band with a lot to say. Their new album “Okay” has been released on Problembär Records, … read more »