radio.string.quartet.vienna -presspic

Vienna based radio.string.quartet is a stylistic multi-cell, a micro-organism in which the individual cells communicate with each other without interfering, thus resulting in their own, unique living being. A newly discovered cosmos, combining the future with old roots. Flattering, demanding, searching, wild, … read more »

“What makes this band so unique is that all of the members are bandleaders themselves […]” – THOMAS GANSCH & HERBERT PIXNER

Herbert Pixner, Thomas Gansch & Band (c) Helena Lea Manhartsberger

HERBERT PIXNER and THOMAS GANSCH let musical worlds collide in their joint project “ALPEN & GLÜHEN” (“Alps and Glow”). In collaboration with a hand-picked band including LUKAS KRANZELBINDER, MANU DELAGO and RADIO.STRING.QUARTET with BERNIE MALLINGER, IGMAR JENNER, CYNTHIA LIAO and SOPHIE ABRAHAM, … read more »