Austrian Music Highlights #7

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This spring, the weather has been much like the music scene. One minute sunny, the next rainy. Hot, then cold. Events planned, events cancelled. When will the surprises end? While no one is holding their breath, the rising temperatures and doses of … read more »


DIVES in 2022 by Marie Häfner

DIVES was formed in February of 2016 after Dora de Goederen, Tamara Leichtfried and Viktoria Kirner met at the Austrian Pink Noise Camp. The Viennese underground scene was immediately taken by their surf-ish sound. German SPEX magazine sees the band in line … read more »


Bild (c) Mile Me Deaf

Mile Me Deaf´s single “Blowout”, that was already released last summer, made it clear: guitars have taken a break. Actually, the whole 90’s grunge presentation is taking a break. Because on their new album “Alien Age” (Siluh Records, release March, 03) more … read more »