Velojet in London

After three rocking albums and years of intensive touring, Austrian indie-pop veterans Velojet forge a new direction with their latest album “Panorama” (Schönwetter Records). Their music is inspired by all forms of pop music from the last 50 years. Shimmering acoustic guitars … read more »

Glimps Festival 2013

As an initiative to build and strengthen economic relations between the Austrian and international music industry, Austrian Music Export is hosting networking and showcase events around Europe. Previous editions have taken place in Paris, Warsaw and Ljubljana. Beside Slovenia, Belgium is one … read more »

Velojet – Panorama

Three years after their last studio album, Velojet are now reporting back with their new album “Panorama” (Schönwetter Records)! In the past three years the four band members have undergone an impressive development. Back from a reflective trip in a ’66 hippie … read more »