VIENNA MY LOVE in WARSAW – 24th of May 2012

The Austrian indie music scene today is very much alive and kicking, but still largely unknown in Poland. On the other hand Austrian music professionals do not seem to have the necessary contacts to establish their bands in Poland. Given the high quality of current Austrian music, it deserves more attention in the media, professionals and the public.
Vienna My Love wants to give Polish music and media professionals the opportunity to establish and develop stronger relationships and networks with Austrian bands, labels and professionals.

DATE: 05/24/2012
CITY: Warsaw (PL)
VENUE: Klub Powiekszenie,
ARTISTS: Elektro Guzzi, M185, Luise Pop


NETWORKING SESSION (Klub Powiekszenie, Cafe)
16:00 – 16:30 check-in
16.30 – 17:00 meet & greet w/ Polish music professionals
17:00 – 19:00 networking and coordinated matchmaking sessions w/ Polish music professionals

CONCERTS (Klub Powiekszenie)
19:00 – 20:00 Doors open
20:00 – 20:45 Luise Pop
21:00 – 21:45 M185
22:00 – 23:00 Elektro Guzzi

This event has been developed in cooperation with Warsaw Music Week (Good Music Productions), the Austrian Cultural Forum Warsaw, IAM (Adam Mickiewicz Institute) and Waves Vienna Festival.
The IAM is a cultural institution promoting Polish culture around the world, actively participating in international cultural exchange and establishing Poland as a creative hub of Europe.
Warsaw Music Week is a new cultural initiative in Warsaw. Its program presents music events in cooperation with Warsaw clubs and Polish record labels as well as showcases by foreign partners.
Starting in 2012, the festival will be accompanied by the International Music Industry Conference New Directions, which deals with the themes and phenomena associated with the music and creative industries.
Coordinator and organizer of the festival is the Polish agency Good Music Productions (



elektro_guzzi_parquet_2_webELEKTRO GUZZI (Macro Records)
Elektro Guzzi delivers one of the most thrilling live performance models for techno and simultaneously takes an innovative leap in the art of band performance. It’s almost the antithesis to what a band is supposed to be. While using soley guitar, bass and drums, the band takes the most unusual playing techniques and puts them together into a rigid mechanical form where it all makes instant, evident sense. However, if they hadn’t extensively performed live, becoming audience favourites from Mutek to Sónar, from Berghain to Fabric, it would be hard to believe that this music is soley instrumental. That said, everyone who has experienced them live has deemed it impossible that they may go even further into the man-machine direction. Nevertheless this is exactly what they did. Their second album Parquet is as much a straight up club music record as it is rich of nuances and details. Astonishingly, although it is their most rigid and dance-centered work to date, it also holds outbursts of beauty with tonal lines, ringing overtones and warm resonances.


m185M185 (Hoanzl)
Founded in 2005 during “Bone Machine” in the front row of a Pixies show, M185 started out by releasing their very own approach to postpunk on their instrumental debut-EP “Soundscapes & Coincidences” the following year. The album “Transformers”, released in 2009, was recorded in the current line-up and marked a change in directions, as vocals and keys were being thrown into the mix. A following period of concerts and writing consolidated M185’s reputation as vivid and energetic liveperformers and fueled the band’s ambition of breaking new grounds by amalgamating their wide range of influences into a unique take on rock’n’roll. Summer of 2011 saw the release of their sophomore album “Let The Light In”, that has been received exceptionally well by the press and fans alike and has been voted “Album of the Week” on FM4, Austria’s alternative radio station. At the moment M185 are – besides working on new material – playing live a lot and are determined to take that reputation way beyond the borders of Austria.


luisepopLUISE POP (Siluh Records)
The vast realm of Luise Pop unfolds between two distant worlds, between loner lyricism and a playful love of theory. Rock’n’roll rubbing up against rigid electronics in a cascading melody of fireworks, surf noir banging against synth sounds in brilliant technicolor, just as if The Drums, Le Tigre, Patti Smith and New Order would meet for a moonlight serenade at the Carnival of Souls. Beyond coquettish postpunk coolness we hear an echo of the Golden Age, in which a pop song could lift the world off its hinges in two and a half minutes. An intensity of the unfinished, more James Dean than Grace Kelly, more camp than glamour, a slackerish elegance of the ephemeral, paying hommage to the Dada Baroness: ‘’we love you like hell.’’ How do we know that heaven and hell are the same place? The difference lies in the heart of the beholder.


Elektro Guzzi: Klaus Pichler
M185: Martin Stöbich
Luise Pop: Ulrich Dertschei


Sneak Peek for June 14th:
Vienna My Love in Warsaw
will be followed by Vienne Mon Amour in Paris
Follow this link for more information on the event in Paris