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As of December 2021, the new WAVES CENTRAL EUROPE (WCE) Programme is launched! WCE is the selected project for the International Delegation Tour Call by EMX. Happening from the 3rd to the 10th of April 2022, it will connect music professionals from Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia with an international delegation from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.

THE background

Back in August 2021, EMX, the project funded by the European Commission that aims at testing new strategies to develop and promote European music export, launched the International Delegation Tour Call (IDT). EMX welcomed applications from a consortium of music-related organisations from at least two different EU countries to organise – with the EMX project team’s advice and financial support – a week-long event in the first half of 2022.

The IDT Open Call launched in the summer asked applicants to create a program where the delegation would visit at least 2 EU countries and take part in a mix of 1-1 meetings, networking events, company visits, live music with European music professionals, as well as any other activity or event that the partners would deem fit for purpose.

After collecting all the applications, the music industry network and platform WCE has been selected as the winning project for the EMX IDT Call. To develop its project, Waves Central Europe will receive funding from EMX to cover international travel for invited delegates, local travel between neighbouring EU countries, accommodation and expenses related to the networking events and activities.

Within the framework of the WCE project, professionals from the music industry in the Central European region (Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia) will have the opportunity to become better acquainted with focus markets of a delegation composed of international industry professionals from countries outside of the EU and to jointly work out possibilities and ways to enter or develop in said markets.

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The participating delegates from the international countries will get a detailed insight into the music scenes of the WCE countries and will be introduced to potential cooperation partners on-site. Together with the delegates from the WCE countries, export strategies to the attendees’ countries will be researched and developed, in each case taking into account their local music markets and their existing structures.

The project focus is on knowledge exchange and development, as well as networking for music industry professionals from these countries.

The project final day will be focused on reviewing, presenting and discussing all outcomes of the workshops and networking sessions. In order to reach out to and address a wider audience, the 9th April 2022 full programme will be broadcasted online and option to ask questions and engage in the discussion will be established for delegates joining digitally.

The WCE project is thus intended to create a basis for long-term and sustainable cooperation between the participants of the WCE countries and the countries of international delegates coming from outside the EU.


Project partners are HOTS from Hungary, SIGIC from Slovenia, BACH from the Czech Republic and Waves Festival from Austria.

Waves Central Europe is run in partnership with and co-funded by EMX and the City of Vienna.

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