WOODY BLACK 4 present themselves on their newly released album “Curiosity” (Unit Records) as a formation that found their own exciting approach to jazz. Tonally and musically.

A quartet, driven by experimental curiosity, that has taken a somewhat different path toward jazz and it’s possibilities. Four clarinets/bass clarinets with an undogmatic approach and a very orderly world of sound. On “Curiosity” they set off a musical firework that is colourful, spectacular, and completely new. The incredibly layered and unbelievably varied sound combined with a high level of musical finesse makes all of the difference here.


Cover „Curiosity“

The four clarinetists Oscar Antoli, Stephan Dickbauer, Daniel Moser and Leonhard Skorupa know no boundaries in their musical activity. They mix and match the most diverse styles and forms of execution in the best crossover style. Classical jazz is woven together with a modern approach, occasionally a hint of chamber music, only to wander into the fields of pop or new music. But it isn’t just the mix that makes this offering something special.


The quartet transforms that mix of influences and elements in an inimitable fashion into a pulsing thrilling whole. Woody Black 4 cultivate the warm and delicately flattering sound as well as the more experimental, sometimes noisy and dissonant. In between they swing and groove and succumb to playfulness. Atmospheric and deeply developed melodies are designed and diverse musical intensities explored. The pieces follow their own storyline and always find their climax in other musical surroundings. Something that continuously increased the musical tension and increases the entertainment value of the album.

Woody Black 4 have made quite an impression with their newest album. “Curiosity” is a piece of music that – as the name implies – awakens the curiosity and excites the imagination.

Michael Ternai (translated from German by Dave Dempsey)

Woody Black 4 live:
  • 08.04. CD Release at WUK, Wien
  • 19.04. Jazz Point, Linz
  • 21.04. Sankt Johann im Pongau
  • 22.04. Zur Post, Ottensheim
  • 12.05. Davis, Wien
  • 27.05. Jazzkeller, Krems
  • 06.06. Musik Werkstatt, Wels
  • 07.07. Südtirol Jazz Festival, Bolzano (ITA)


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