Sound Park Austria 5: Jazz – 23 February 2011

Sound Park Austria (SPA) aims to stimulate the creative exchange between Austrian and British musicians whose repertoire encompasses music outside the classical tradition. As part of this concert the ACF London proudly presents The Flow from Austria. Andi Tausch, guitar and Hans-Koller Award Winner Martin Reiter, keyboards, skillfully create original musical bows over the groovy fundament provided by New York based drummer Peter Kronreif and bassist Jojo Lackner. Their song Origination was featured on EUNIC’s London Jazz Festival Compilation CD 2010.

The Flow are Peter Kronreif, Martin Reiter, Milan Nikolic and Andreas Tausch. Experts on the local scene probably all know the young musicians, since they have been an inherent part of the Austrian jazz scene for many years and have already demonstrated their talent and creativity on numerous occasions.

Despite the complexity of its music, the band never loses sight of its leitmotif. The Flow deliberately experiments with electronic sounds and sound distortions. The idea behind their music is the creation of a unified sound aesthetic. The audience is encouraged to let the music sink in,  and in this manner to dive into a unique world of sound.

Following SPA’s concept of programming  the ACF London has also invited the John Martin Quartet, which is presenting the Album Launch. Recorded in the Artesuono Studio in Italy, and released on F–IRE, Dawning is the debut album of the John Martin Quartet. Joyful African inspired grooves, dark Meldau-ish harmony, contemporary odd-time meters and folkie European sound are combined. The line-up consists of John Martin, tenor and soprano sax, Tim Fairhall, double bass, Andy Ball, drums and Jonjo Grisdale, piano.

Wednesday 23 February 2011, 7.30pm

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