The next promising talent from Vienna: Anbuley

The Vienna-based singer and dancer Anbuley is currently in the spotlight and is making a name for herself with various successful projects and high flying producers around the globe. The daughter of Ghanian parents is momentarily one of the most popular figures in the European dubstep scene, which is proven by numerous collaborations with renowned producers like Bert On Beats and Stefan Mörth (Stereotype). Next year the artist will perform together with the previously mentioned Bert On Beats at the Eurosonic Festival in Groningen, Netherlands.

The Austria-born vocalist and dancer Anbuley has everything you could possibly need for  a successful music career. A beautiful multifaceted  voice, a strong sense of melody and rhythm, and tremendous charisma. Since her early childhood, Anbuley has always been enthused and  inspired by African music, especially by the music from Ghana, the home of her parents. Over time, she also discovered her love for jazz. These two music styles have influenced and inspired Anbuley to this day.


Anbuley decided to take on a musical career during a five year stay in Ghana, where she began to deal more intensively with African musical traditions. Back in Europe, she started to make contacts in different music scenes. It didn’t take long until the Vienna-born vocalist caught the attention of well-known producers from the dubstep, electronic, hip hop and techno scene. As a result, she has worked with big names such as Bert On Beats, Stefan Mörth (Stereotype) and the Italian DJ duo Crookers and was released by the prestigious Berlin label Man Recordings.

It is almost guaranteed that we will hear a lot more from MC Anbuley in the future. In any case, the performance at the Eurosonic Festival will be the next great oppurtunity in the right direction and will certainly contribute to attracting even more music fans.

Michael Ternai
translated from the German by Doris Miyung Brady

Photo: iNA