5 Million Pesos: Duo Sonoma

(c) Duo Sonoma

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5 MILLION PESOS is a monthly concert series presented by ORF RadioKulturhaus and the radio Ö1 jazz department. Every month, one up-and-coming jazz act is selected to be highlighted on air and live at the Vienna RadioCafe.

Stories in dialogues: Mira Gregorič, violin, and Sara Gregorič, guitar, together the DUO SONOMA, are guests of Johann Kneihs.

Concert time & place: Fri May 13th, 2022, 8pm, KlangTheater, Radiokulturhaus Wien

Duo Sonoma

Mira Gregorič, violin
Sara Gregorič, guitar

From Carinthia comes the equally formidable and unorthodox Duo Sonoma, which surprised us all in 2021 with its CD debut “I” (“One”). The content: stylistically unbounded, expressive-imaginative sound thoughts of violin and guitar, compositionally clear and deliberately set, charging every note with meaning, while rich in original ideas.

photo of Duo Sonoma by Stefan Reichmann
Duo Sonoma (c) Stefan Reichmann

Behind them are guitarist Sara Gregorič and violinist Mira Gregorič, 29 and 27 years young, respectively. The sisters began making music together as early as elementary school age, often in threes with their father Janez Gregorič, himself a busy classical guitarist and educator. Later, Sara and Mira Gregorič studied at the Vienna University of Music. Mira also studied jazz violin with Andreas Schreiber at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz. The music of the Duo Sonoma, in addition to the already mentioned well of resources, feeds, as well, on the influences of Carinthian folk music. Thanks to this openness and the courage to take different compositional paths, Sara and Mira Gregorič are quite convincing with their sympathetically idiosyncratic and uniquely positioned chamber music style.

Video: Duo Sonoma – SEDM

In cooperation with the Ö1 jazz department.

Translated from the German original by Arianna Alfreds.