The Austrian folk and world music quintet ALMA have a reason to rejoice. The ensemble around the violinist and composer Julia Lachersdorfer will be receiving the special award for German world music RUTH as part of the Rudolfstadt-Festival on the 8th of July. The prize is awarded by MDR Kultur.

“Fly, soul, fly. Five musicians from Austria, four women and one man, let their souls (almas in Spanish) fly free to overcome musical boundaries. Foundations in jazz, folk, and classical music build the starting point for enthusiastic experimentation. According to the band, “a strong foundation and improvisation belong together” and they play music which is alpine and transalpine, lyrical and lively, intelligent and entertaining. With that they give middle-European (violin) music a wonderful and fresh coat of paint. Musica con alma y vida, music with body and soul. In any musical language, absolutely award-worthy.” (Jury,


The RUTH award (previously the Deutscher Folkförderpreis) seeks to raise the self image and public awareness of world music in Germany. RUTH should also raise awareness of the special qualities of world music in comparison to pop, rock, jazz or classical music.

The prize is awarded in four categories:

  • RUTH – the main award is given to artists who have set new standards with their artistic works.
  • Förder-RUTH (support-RUTH), an award for artists who are at the beginning of their careers or working on new projects that are original or breaking out of the standard mold.
  • Ehren-RUTH (honors-RUTH) for people or institutions who have added to the support and promotion of world music.
  • Rudolfstadt-Festival RUTH, a special award from the festival team

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RUTH – Der deutsche Weltmusikpreis

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