Applied Brass Music: Mnozil Brass

Mnozil Brass is a brass band that never ceases to amaze, impress and delight when it comes to filling huge venues with their hilarious mix of music and entertainment. No matter in what context or where the seven musicians appear, the combo always manages to trigger the enthusiasm and blood pressure of fans and critics across the globe.

Although all highly virtuosically trained and skilled, the seven musicians thrive in breaking conventional musical boundaries and yet always succeed in setting the right tone. Musicwise the repertoire of the septet ranges from typical brass music, German Schlager hits, jazz and pop music to opera and operetta, all spiced up with a whole load of comedy slapstick.

A glance at the self-definition on the band’s website almost sounds like a mission statement:

We play applied brass music for people from all walks of life.
We face every challenge, no tone is too high for us, no lip too hot, no music is too inferior.
You can see our music and smell the stage performance.

Mnozil brass has been around for quite a while. Founded in 1992 at a legendary session in the local pub of Joseph Mnozil, a tavern in Vienna’s first district, they started out by playing  at weddings, birthdays, funerals and markets and slowly but consistently worked their way up to the big concert and theater stages. Although accomplished musicians, due to the ever booming demand, the seven members of the band, namely  Thomas Gansch (trumpet), Robert Rother (trumpet), Roman Rindberger (trumpet), Leonhard Paul (trombone, bass trumpet), Gerhard Füßl (trombone), Zoltan Kiss (trombone), Wilfried Brandstötter (tuba), decided in 2000 to devote themselves mainly to Mnozil Brass.

Ever since, they have been playing over 120 international gigs a year. Extensive tours have taken them across almost all continents of the world. With their vast range of musical output the combo has been able to fill huge venues such as the Royal Albert Hall in London, the Burgtheater in Vienna, opera houses of Munich, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden and Leipzig and excite fascinated audiences at prestigious festivals like the Salzburg Festival and the Ludwigsburg Castle Festival.

Indeed, their tour schedule makes you wonder where they find any time to spare for themselves, which  just shows their dedication and passion all the more. Behold if you ever get a chance to experience this exceptional band live – it will most likely be an experience you will never forget.


Upcoming Shows:

May 2012
01.05 d-86899 landsberg
11.05 a-1010 wien rathausplatz
16.05 d-78628 rottweil
17.05 d-71634 ludwigsburg
18.05 d-57426 olpe
19.05 d-91126 schwabach
20.05 d-52349 düren
21.05 nl-6511 nijmegen
22.05 nl-7001 jd doetinchem
23.05 nl-3311 pl dordrecht
24.05 ch-5600 lenzburg
25.05 ch la chaux-du-milieu ne
26.05 ch solothurn
27.05 ch oberbüren sg

June 2012
01.06 f-72600 mamers
02.06 a-6071 aldrans
03.06 a-1040 wien
06.06 a-2091 langau
08.06 a-4262 leopoldschlag
09.06 a-3240 mank
10.06 a-2340 mödling
13.06 d-333378 rheda
14.06 d-88099 neukirch
15.06 d-71634 ludwigsburg
16.06 d-89584 ehingen SOLD OUT
17.06 f-68390 sausheim SOLD OUT
18.06 nl-6155 puth
22.06 uk oldham
23.06 uk morley
24.06 cz-11121 praha
28.06 d-83329 otting
29.06 a-4020 linz
30.06 a-4974 ort

July 2012
01.07 – 07.07 ch-7503 samedan
06.07 ch-7503 samedan
07.07 i-38054 fiera di primiero
08.07 i-39022 algund
18.07 d-94469 deggendorf
19.07 a-3620 spitz
20.07 d-63303 dreieich
21.07 d-73066 uhingen
22.07 d-82487 oberammergau
23.07 a-6290 mayrhofen
26.07 fin-81700 lieksa
27.07 fin-81700 lieksa SOLD OUT

August 2012
31.08 d-37176 nörten-hardenberg

October 2012
19.10 d-41836 hückelhoven
20.10 f-59810 lesquin
25.10 a-4926 st. marienkirchen
27.10 a-8075 hart b. graz
28.10 a-2440 gramatneusiedl

November 2012
16.11 ch olten so
17.11 ch unterägeri zg

December 2012
01.12 d-79346 endingen
02.12 d-73614 schorndorf
02.12 d-76476 bischweier


[Photocredit: Julia Wesely]