Austrian Acts at Eurosonic 2013: A.G.Trio

Already active for several years in the local and international club scene and after several remixes for other acclaimed artists, EP releases and numerous tours abroad, it was not until spring 2012 till the Upper Austrian combo A.G. Trio managed to unleash a full-length album on the music market. And just as you might have expected and hoped for, they convince on the highest degree. “Action” lives up to the promise of its title. Tracks that really hit it off, get stuck in the ear canals, spark from the very first tone and invite you to dance. Markus Reindl, Roland Bindreiter and Jürgen Oman, the three heads behind this music project, deliver proof with their album that the last word in danceable club music has not yet been said and that it is still possible to tread a bit more unusual paths in this direction, which do not necessary have to end in the realm of music that has already been heard a thousand times before. Adding to their success is definitely the invitation to the Eurosonic Nooderslag Festival, taking place in January 2013 in Groningen.

It was probably more coincidence than planned that the initial solo artists Markus Reindl, Roland Bindreiter and Jürgen Oman came together to form a band. In the early 2000s, the artists were independently booked for a festival in the Serbian city Novi Sad, where they spontaneously decided to perform an improvised set together on stage. The experiment was successful, in part because the audience gratefully accepted this new experiment and celebrated them with a lot of applause. This concert, which also attracted a lot of attention elsewhere, was followed by trips to prestigious festivals in Mexico, Germany and South Korea, and can be considered as the birth of A.G. Trio, which has ever since vigorously dedicated itself to the development of their own musical language in the context of electronic dance.

Moving somewhere between modern dance floor, new wave and synth-pop of the 80s, in the tradition of groups like Bronski Beat, Soft Cell or Camouflage, the trio has created a sound that is defined by pounding electronic beats, which echo from the speakers and are unusually complex, playful and refreshingly “unpolished” in the club music context. The songs of the native Upper Austrians are of a dynamic and varied nature and never get shallow or irrelevant despite their highly catchy character. Markus Reindl, Roland Bindreiter and Jürgen Oman show that once you break the habitual patterns, the balance between party suitability and their own high standards work well together. A successful approach, as the top rankings of the EP “Things You Wanna Play” and “Replay” in the American and Canadian dance charts show, and the universally positive response to the album “Action” impressively prove.

A.G. Trio seems to be on the verge of establishing itself as a serious local music export success with their extremely high quality output. In any case, the signs are good that A.G.Trio will be able to knock the socks off the Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival audience.