Elektro Guzzi – Observatory

After the critic-wowing breakouts of their past two albums, Elektro Guzzi are now ready to deliver their new sonic saga with “Observatory” (Macro Recordings). One should be careful with superlatives, but the new upcoming third album once again holds the promise of musical brilliance. “Observatory” will be released on the 26th of May, 2014.


With the new tracks, Bernhard Breuer, Jakob Schneidewind and Bernhard Hammer have now distanced themselves even further from their already unusual musical position. The trio has left Earth and revolves in an orbit where the term techno is approached with completely new perspectives. In a musical sense, these three Viennese musicians have perfected the fusion of man and machine with an innovative implementation of electronic club music in a classic band line-up and continue to keep it analogue.

Nothing on the new album was left to chance. Every tone and every sound makes complete sense, the rhythm ticks like a clockwork and relentlessly grooves into a hypnotic state. At first this may feel a little too detailed, soulless and unadorned, but soon turns out to be the exact opposite. In spite of all perfection, the human touch can’t be denied and resonates in the music.

Of course Bernhard Breuer, Jakob Schneidewind and Bernhard Hammer still make techno, but there is so much more to this band. What they bring to the music goes far beyond the common stylistic terms and definitions. “Observatory” sounds incredibly organic, despite all the used sound distortions and processing. There is no trace of the computer generated chilliness that is often attributed to techno. The tracks exude a blissful warmth in elaborate and complex nuances that invite the listeners to plunge into a wonderful sound universe.  Never once is the music monotonous. Always on point, the tension in the music will take a turn at the right time and flowingly transition into a new musical sphere.

“Observatory” is Elektro Guzzi’s answer to the question why they are where they are, namely at the very top. Once again Elektro Guzzi have succeeded in giving us music that keeps the eyes and ears wide open.

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Elektro Guzzi | www.elektroguzzi.net
Macro Recordings | www.macro-rec.com

Text: Michael Ternai (translated from German)
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