Fanklub – The new platform for bands and fans

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The wait is over: FANKLUB – the new platform for bands and fans – launches in mid-September! No matter if you are a newcomer or an established act, on FANKLUB, bands, DJs/DJanes and musicians have the possibility to open their own fan club for free, and in no time. As an all-in-one solution, FANKLUB combines the function of a classic band website with the features of crowdfunding models!

The founders Andreas Jantsch, Sebastian Król and Arne Thamer have been working as label operators and PR experts in the music industry for decades and want to create a new platform with the Fanklub, where the music is in the foreground. Unlike other social payment platforms, Fanklub is all about the bands, DJs/DJanes, musicians and their fans!

Fanklub founders Sebastian Król, Andreas Jantsch und Arne Thamer (c) Fanklub

In the respective fan clubs of the bands, their fans receive exclusive insights behind the scenes of their favorite acts, experience livestreams, take part in raffles and surveys by taking out a subscription for €1.99 per month – or voluntarily more. 90% of the proceeds go directly to the bands, allowing them to generate a regular income at fair conditions. For the best possible backstage experience, the fan clubs are also accompanied by an editorial team with interviews, band introductions, news from the music industry, tutorials, workshops and much more. In addition, Fanklub cooperates with various music festivals and also plans its own events.

In the meantime, several bands are already looking forward to their Fanklub! Who will already be ready for the launch in mid-September cannot yet be announced. But certainly the Latvian indie band Carnival Youth, which won The European Border Breakers Award at the Eurosonic Festival, the Viennese pop musician PIPPA or the Dutch soul-pop act The Cool Quest are on board.

With Digital Concepts from Linz, the perfect partner was found for the development and implementation of this innovative project. Libermoor, also from Linz, is responsible for the graphic implementation and brand development.

The founders, on Fanklub: “The three of us are united by our closeness to musicians and bands, and the urgent desire to support them in their passion for music and professional marketing. We hope to be able to contribute something to this with Fanklub!”

Fanklub logo 2021


“Fanklub will allow us to connect with our fans on a whole new level and we can’t wait to start using it!” Carnival Youth (Band)

“We are already excited about what Fanklub will look like. Because, the idea is great and a platform around music is in the best case, the sought for alternative to Patreon. We can very much imagine to be part of the fan club!” Folkshilfe (band)

“I think Fanklub is a decidedly good idea, plus the founders are, to me, among the most serious motherfuckers there are in this godless ‘biz’. So, will recommend it to several artists I work with. Free all prisoners and let the good times roll!” Stefan Redelsteiner (Manager / Lotter Label)

“A business model that can actually only produce winners.” Scene Hamburg

Fanklub Music FKM GmbH is supported by the Vienna Business Agency.

Tip: You can see Andreas Jantsch at the Vienna Waves Conference 2021! Check here for details.



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