FM4 Soundpark Act of the Month: KeKe

KeKe (c) Lousy Auber

The FM4 Soundpark is a web-platform, community, and radio show for Austrian musicians. Every month, one act is selected to be highlighted both online and on air. The FM4 Soundpark act of the month.

FM4 Soundpark Act: KeKe

The Viennese rapper KeKe has been one of the shooting stars of the past months. KeKe is the FM4 Soundpark Act of the month in September.

It’s amazing how fast everything can happen. How quickly things can change and evolve in such a short period of time. Suddenly you stand there, looking back at the year, unable to fully process what had happened. That’s what young KeKe feels like right now, having released her first single “Donna Selvaggia” accompanied by music video just one year ago. After that everything happened very quickly, her second video “Validé” followed shortly afterwards, closely followed by the singles “Paradox” and  “Fugazi”, and finally she came up with her last single, the wonderfully dreamy “Malibu”.

Way too clever, way too smart, way to far ahead

Even though it’s hard to believe, KeKe says that these songs just happened to her. While in the rehearsal room the producer Shawn the Savage Kid aka STSK from Regensburg encouraged to take a beat and rap over it.

That’s how her first single “Donna Salvaggia” came about. A banger underlaid by deep bass, on which KeKe clearly positions herself as the antithesis to all the sexist male fantasies of so many rap colleagues. “Viel zu klug, viel zu schlau, viel zu weit. Viel zu viel, viel zu laut, viel zu dreist“ [“Way too clever, way too smart, way to far ahead. Way too much, way too loud, way too audacious”] it states confidently. And this is the exact attitude she wants to convey to other young girls, which, especially in hip hop, are still way too underrepresented.

In the song “Paradox”, KeKe addresses a topic which is being completely dismissed in all this ego-pushed rap: Fear. This omnipresent feeling, which when talked about all so often gets interpreted as weakness. KeKe not only wants to, but has to address such topics, because they are simply not talked about enough in rap



It really has been an eventful year for KeKe, but it’s not over yet. She will soon be featured on the new Trettmann album, as well as a song she recorded together with Kraftklub front man Felix Kummer. Two features which she still hasn’t been able to fully believe yet and is incredibly proud of. But that’s far from all, because her debut EP called “Donna” with five fresh songs will already be released in October. And that’s when Keke’s journey will really start.

Clemens Fantur – translated from the German article (FM4) by Dave Dempsey.

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