EU-Project: im3i+ / ON:meedi:a

In the scope of the European project im3i+, ON:meedi:a developed a web-based framework that allows better usage of keywords, searches and reorganization of multimedia archives. Spring Techno, IN2 and mica – music austria are currently working on putting this Digital Media Asset Management Framework on the market.

im3i+ is a research project designed specifically for the benefit of small and medium enterprises. The project lasts two years and is engaged in the development of technologies for better representation, compatibility, interoperability and retrieval of multimedia contents.

Representation and distribution of music will become increasingly important in the digital world. This kind of research shall be a contribution towards easier access for the broad audience to find works of composers and musicians. The project im3i+ is co-financed by the European Commission under the FP7 programme and is run by a consortium of 5 SME’s and 2 RTD performers covering the UK, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy and the Netherlands.

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