ISCM World New Music Days 2013: Call for Scores/Projects

Founded in 1922, the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) is an important international network of members from around fifty countries, devoted to the promotion and presentation of contemporary music. To honour the fact that ISCM started its history in Salzburg, Austria, and one of the founding members was then Czechoslovakia, the idea of cooperation between the Slovak and Austrian ISCM sections arouse.

For a long time, Austria and Slovakia belonged to one state, the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This gives the two countries years of common history, even though the historical experience thence gained might be different for each one. The ISCM would like to celebrate this unity and diversity alike through the topic of Gates – gates between the countries, their history and present, between the artists and audience, between the young world of musical apprenticeship and professionalism, between the known and the forgotten which exists in contemporary music…

The ISCM is proud that the most important event in the realm of contemporary music will in the year 2013 originate from a shared effort and in the spirit of togetherness in the host countries.
There are hardly many “new” things which last 90 years. Has the meaning of “new” or “contemporary” evolved? The 90th edition of ISCM World New Music Days will tell us.

The ISCM will celebrate this anniversary through the topic of Gates – gates between countries, their history and present, between artists and audience, between the worlds of professionals and students, and, maybe, we will also travel through the gates of time.

The celebrations will overtake three capitals – Košice, the capital of Eastern Slovakia, Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, and Vienna, the capital of Austria. The Slovak section of the ISCM began its history as the former Czechoslovak section and, after the division of the state, became an autonomous section in 1994.

The Austrian section of the ISCM was formed as part of the ISCM itself at the moment of its foundation, in 1922, and they both pursue the common ideals of diffusion of contemporary music in their countries and internationally by organizing concerts, festivals, educational events, and, simply put, spreading the word about new music.

Conditions for Submissions
Postmark deadline for submissions is the 31st December 2011

General Conditions
• one work per composer may be submitted, either by offi cial or individual submission
• works composed in the year 2007 or later are eligible
• the Jury will not select a work by a composer, whose composition has also been chosen for the 2012 (Belgium) festival; the submitter will be asked to submit an alternative work.

Official Submissions
ISCM Members may submit a specifi c number of pieces corresponding to their membership category (Sections: 6, Full Associate Members: 6, Affi liated Associate Members: 3) to be assessed by the 2013 ISCM WNMD Jury.

To guarantee the selection of at least one work, offi cial submissions of Sections and Full Associate Members should fulfi ll the following:
• consist of exactly six (6) works in at least four (4) different categories, as specified in the Call for scores (refer to Art. 26f of the ISCM Statutes).

Individual Submissions
Composers or their authorized representatives may submit one work per composer.
An entry fee of 50,- EUR is mandatory with all individual submissions.
The fee can be paid in one of the following ways:
• by Credit card using PayPal at
• via Bank transfer to the ISCM account, by mentioning:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Required Documents
as hard copies (via post)
•2 copies of the score or 2 copies of the description of Installation/Idea/Concept accompanied by graphical visualization if necessary
•PDF version of the score/description (on CD or DVD)
•sound recording of the notated work, if available (on CD or DVD)
•sound or video recording of the non-notated work, if available (on CD or DVD)
•proof of nationality (copy of ID)
•a recent photo of the composer (on CD or DVD)
•proof of payment of the entry fee (for each individual submission) – may also be delivered via e-mail

as electronic copies (via registration form)
•category notification
•year of composition (please specify if the work has been premiered)
•estimated duration
•program notes in English (up to 150 words)
•short biography of the composer in English (up to 150 words)
•contact information of the composer (mailing and e-mail address, telephone no.)
•website of the composer or the publisher if available

Mailing Address for Submissions:

ISCM Slovakia
P. O. Box 40
810 00 Bratislava