New Album: Netnakisum – “Hoamweh”

In the recent past it has become kind of quiet around Netnakisum. Now, just in time for their 10th anniversary, the trio is reporting back with fresh, new material. “Hoamweh” is the title of the new album and fulfills all the high expectations laid upon this exciting and unique female formation. Claudia Schwab, deeLinde and Marie-Theres Härtel, the three heads behind this trio, bring music that arouses the listeners with picturesque lyrics and an array of emotions, ranging from deep melancholy to oblique playfulness.


Origin, roots and comfort

The musicians Claudia Schwab (violin, vocals), Marie-Theres Härtel (viola, vocals) and deeLinde (cello, vocals) were never really known for caring too much about stylistic issues. Always dedicated to elaborate musical transgressions, their music has consistently had a very complex and varied feel. This has clearly not changed on their fourth album “Hoamweh”.

However, compared to the previous releases, the new album is still slightly different. In the past years the trio has been busy travelling around the world and has experienced the feelings of distance and being away from home. With the contents referring to topics such as origin, roots and comfort, the mood of Netnakisum’s new pieces sound a lot more personal and reflective than in earlier phases.

Influences from all directions

While in the past it was mainly Austrian folk music that served as the basis of the songs, the new album “Hoamweh” is a feast of inspirations from all directions and from all kinds of music, songs and sound traditions.

“Hoamweh” is an album that the more you listen to it, the more intense it gets. deeLinde, Claudia Schwab and Marie-Theres Härtel create magical and alluring sounds that enchant you and keep you under its spell long after listening.
Conclusion: highly recommended!

Text: Michael Ternai (translated from German)
Photo: © Julia Wesely


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