Building Bridges (c) Austrian Music Export
Building Bridges (c) Austrian Music Export

Austrian Music Export will launch a pilot project in 2023 with a focus on training and international exchange. The program is aimed at people from the music business and, thus, primarily those “behind” the artists – i.e. mainly labels, publishing houses, management, etc. The BUILDING BRIDGES project will take place Mar. 22-24 (the days leading up to the m4music festival in Zurich). Deadline to apply is Feb. 17th, 2023!

The program is intended to broaden economic and artistic horizons and to enable direct exchange with colleagues from the music industry, with the aim of identifying potential collaborations via direct exchange with colleagues in comparably large and similarly structured markets, learning to apply and utilize the acquired connections and knowledge for oneself.

The ‘bridge-building’ in the name does not mean exclusively a direct, one-dimensional export to the target countries, but rather learning opportunities, inspiration for new playing fields and first-hand examples for future development steps and collaborations.

The first destination of such a trip is Switzerland, which will also be the partner country of Waves Vienna in the fall, and therefore lends itself to a particularly intensive and sustainable exchange. In the run-up to the Swiss counterpart, m4music, an Austrian delegation will therefore travel to Zurich.

What will happen on site?

Wednesday, Mar. 22:

Joint arrival by train from Vienna with connections at Railjet stations (09:28 Vienna Central Station – 17:20 Zurich Central Station) with networking possibilities on the train. Afterwards, a reception/ dinner with colleagues from Switzerland in Zurich.

Thursday, Mar. 23:

Workshop Day at the Exil Club next to the Schiffbau, where m4music will also take place on the following days, with selected colleagues from Switzerland (including from labels, publishers, management and agencies).

We will get to know the structure, size and peculiarities of the market first-hand and discuss the respective problems, opportunities and challenges with the Swiss colleagues – from organizations, partnerships, experiences and hurdles in export, to similarities in the local setting. We question whether and which commonalities can offer starting points for cooperation from the individual to the structural level. What lessons can colleagues learn that can also be used individually?

The program will be rounded off by a showcase in Exil with Austrian acts on the eve of the Swiss industry festival M4Music. Info on how to apply for the showcase below.

Friday, Mar. 24:

Individual journey home or stay at the m4music industry conference in Zurich (ticket included) with live program (including My Ugly Clementine).

My ugly clementine by Mala Kolumna
My Ugly Clementine (c) Mala Kolumna

Who can and should go?

The program is primarily aimed at individuals from the music business – these are primarily the economically active people “behind” the artists; i.e. labels, publishers, management. The trip is considered particularly useful for entrepreneurs with at least initial experience in cross-border music marketing. In principle, there is no limitation in terms of genre, but it is advisable to take a look at the environment offered at m4music, as our partners and guests will also come from this extended pop/independent/alternative field.

Due to the limited number of participants, only one person per company can be sponsored at a time.

How do I apply and how will I be selected?

Please send us a short letter of motivation, no more than one page. Include relevant personal information covering your interest, field of work and any reference productions you have already (co-)worked on. Please send your documents to by Feb 17, 2023, at the latest.

The number of participants is limited and will be selected by Austrian Music Export. Applicants will receive a formal acceptance or rejection for funding or participation by Feb 23, 2023.

What does it cost?

The mission is organized as a pilot project by Austrian Music Export and co-financed by subsidies from LSG producers and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. A flat-rate cost subsidy of EUR 350 per person is available from this fund. Travel*, accommodation and individual meals are to be financed by the participants themselves. *The joint train-ride on Mar. 22 from Vienna to Zurich will be free of charge for participants. Return travel must be paid and organized by the participants.

Austrian Music Export holds contingents in a proposed joint hotel ibis budget at a price of EUR 112/night. 2 nights are planned (22-23 March); there is an option to extend for those who would like to stay one or two more days for the industry event m4music in Zurich.

Showcase Austrian Heartbeats in Exil

On the eve of m4music, a showcase with 2-3 Austrian acts will take place in Zurich Exil as a finale to the mission “Building Bridges” with the participation of numerous Swiss industry guests.

Please send applications to by Feb. 17, 2023 at the latest. The selection of the performing acts is the responsibility of Austrian Music Export in coordination with m4music.


Reimbursement of expenses/contribution to costs: EUR 400 per act, as well as train tickets for the joint journey on Mar. 22, 2023, and overnight stays from 22-24 Mar. 2023, plus recoupment for the individual return journey on the following days.


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