Russkaja (c) Fritz Holoubek

Buckle up. “Kosmopoliturbo” (Napalm Records) is the spectacular return of RUSSKAJA. A release loaded with energy, potential hits, and even more musical variety. The seven headed musical monster around GEORGIJ MAKAZARIA is more irresistible than ever.

There is one thing you can be certain about with Russkaja. What you get, is exactly what you expect. An extraordinary and incredibly entertaining experience. Musically, the stylistically open-minded Viennese band have picked up right where they left off with “Peace, Love & Russian Roll”. Front-man Georgij Makazaria and the musicians Engel Mayr, Mario Stübler, Dimitrij Miller, HG Gutternigg, Rainer Gutternigg and Mia Nova serve up fat, high energy, guitar sounds on top of equally fat brass interludes, folk-sounds, foot driving ska and polka rhythms, punk attitude, and a whole lot of good-mood melodies. Nothing really new, right?




Cover "Kosmopoliturbo"
Cover “Kosmopoliturbo”

Well, maybe. Because on the latest Russkaja release a few things are a bit different. The stage band from “Willkomen Österreich” has paid more attention to sophisticated songwriting. It’s no longer just about rocking out from the get-go. The sound and the multilingual vocals are much more diverse now. That is probably because Georgij and his colleagues are masters of contrast. They can kick off with their usual power but understand how to slow down at just the right moment to allow the more mellow and melancholic moments space to breathe.

The result is a much more suspenseful album. “Kosmopoliturbo” offers everything that the fans have come to love and expect. But it is just a little bit more. A party album that can also survive attentive listening.

Michael Ternai (translated from German by David Dempsey)

RUSSKAJA – Festivals

16.09.17 DE – Lingen / Rock Am Pferdemarkt



28.09.17 NL – Amsterdam / Melkweg OZ
29.09.17 NL – Arnhem / Luxor Live
30.09.17 NL – Enschede / Atak
06.10.17 AT – Graz / PPC
07.10.17 AT – Vienna / Simm City
12.10.17 AT – Linz / Posthof
13.10.17 AT – Dornbirn / Conrad Sohm
28.10.17 SK – Kosice
14.10.17 AT – Innsbruck / Treibhaus
17.11.17 AT – Salzburg / Rockhouse
23.11.17 DE – Cologne / Gloria Theater
24.11.17 DE – Ulm / Roxy
25.11.17 DE – Munich / Backstage Halle
30.11.17 DE – Frankfurt / Batschkapp
01.12.17 DE – Leipzig / Werk 2
02.12.17 DE – Hannover / Musikzentrum
07.12.17 DE – Hamburg / Markthalle Hamburg
08.12.17 DE – Dortmund / FZW
09.12.17 DE – Belrin / SO 36
14.12.17 DE – Karlsruhe / Substage
15.12.17 DE – Nuremberg / Hirsch
16.12.17 DE – Freiburg / Jazzhaus
21.12.17 DE – Lindau / Club Vaudeville
22.12.17 AT – Steyr / Röda


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