Schmiede12: Application ends May 31st

Schmiede in a nutshell:
Schmiede is a festival and community for producers. The Schmiede process focuses on three elements: network, create, present. Once a year about 140 Smiths gather in Hallein to create, present, learn and teach. Schmiede supplies space, a divers field of creatives and basic infrastructure. Schmiede is about meeting real people, our ideas and making it work together.

Become a Smith:
Apply on by May 31st
Get accreditation by June 30th
Get access to
Spend 10 days at Schmiede Hallein in September

13. – 23. September 2012
Hallein, Austria

Schmiede Hallein is a prosumer festival. A work in progress laboratory where our ideas come to play. Schmiede stands for three things: create, network, present. Since 2003, Schmiede provides space, time, tools, a heterogeneous group of participants and projects. For ten days, every September, 140 creatives and artists from all around the world come to the Saline in Hallein (2000m2) and make Schmiede an open and free space for exchange, teaching and learning. Depending on the needs and possibilities of its members the network moves along the borders of art, culture, handcraft and creative industry. Schmiede ends with SchmiedeWorkshow, a grand public exhibition, where the Smith productions of the past ten days are presented to the public and media. After a fully completed participation period the Schmiede participant becomes a “Smith” and member of the SmithNetwork.

To participate at Schmiede12 the first step is to fill out the application questionnaire. Smiths may be brief. If you see no use in answering or feel uncomfortable about a certain question, please let us know and tell us why. This explanation will be considered as your answer.

the application process:

  • The Schmiede is international so please answer all questions in English. Neither typos nor grammar will have weight in our consideration.
  • All applicants should be born September 16th, 1995 or before.
  • Applications must be submitted on our website by May 31 2012. In case you are sending us supportive material, they must be postmark by May 31 2012.
  • Schmiede mail address: Schmiede Hallein, Vollererhofstr. 372, 5412 Puch, Austria
  • The Schmiede Team will inform you about your status no later than June 30th
  • Unfortunately, we cannot return any material we receive, so you may want to keep a copy of whatever you submit for yourself. We also cannot provide individual feedback. But please sleep safe with the knowledge that all entries will be thoroughly considered by at least two different people from different backgrounds. All material supplied will be handled confidentially.