Sound Park Austria 3: POP

At the moment the the London music scene is sizzling in the district of Camden. One of the landmarks of the district is the venue “The Forge”.  In May 2010 the Austrian Cultural Forum London took this advantage and initiated the new event series “Sound Park Austria” in The Forge , which is curated by the London-based Tyrolean bass player Philipp M. Moll.

The goal is  to bring musicians from Austria to the UK and introduce Austrian contemporary music apart from the classical tradition, in order to provide a glimpse into the richly differentiated, vibrant Austrian music scene, while at the same time encouraging the exchange with British artists. The artists have the possibility to make new contacts, discuss their work and influence each other.

For the third session of the “Sound Park Austria”, four musicians have been invited to perform a concert each and collaborate with each other. The two young Austrian singers Alexandra Caro and Julia Noa Fischer will work together with two British pop singer-songwriters, not only performance-wise, but also spend a day together and maybe even write a collaborative song.

The British musicians include Jon Allen who has performed with prestigious artists such Jose Gonzalez, and also John Ellis who has worked with Lily Allen and the Cinematic Orchestra.The two aspiring Austrian singers, although newcomers,  have also made quite a name for themselves. Alexandra Caro has been featured on the Austrian National Radio oe3 and will release her new album in October 2010.
Julia Noa Fischer’s solo performances have convinced both enthusiastic audiences and critics.
Sound Park Austria 3 will take place at The Forge on the 12th of October 2010 and is definitely worth seeing!



The Forge
3-7 Delancey Street|
London, NW1 7NL