Sound Park Austria 4: World Music

Once again, visitors will be able to experience another exciting Sound Park Austria session at The Forge. This new event series was initiated by the Austrian Cultural Forum London, aiming to stimulate the creative exchange between Austrian and British musicians whose repertoire enfolds music outside the classical tradition. The fourth concert in this series will offer insight into the all-encompassing genre World Music.

London-based Austrian Bernhard Schimpelsberger aka Taalis is a sought after percussionist in the modern Indian music scene, performing with artists such as Nitin Sawhney, Talvin Singh and Akram Khan. In his trio Taalis Timeline, Bernhard presents an exciting blend of Indian classical and European improvised music in a contemporary idiom. The group features renowned hang-player, Austrian born and London resident Manu Delago, and soulful Preetha Narayanan on the Indian violin and vocals.

Cellist Marie-Thérèse Daubner and accordionist Andrej Serkow are Duo Ost-West. Their collaboration is driven by an excitement and enthusiasm for the unusual sound combination of their instruments. Brought together by an interest in musical experimentation, they have composed several pieces for cello and accordion together. They have performed to sold-out venues across Europe.


Tuesday 23 November 2010, 7.30pm

The Forge
3-7 Delancey Street|
London, NW1 7NL
T 020 7 383 7808