Soundings. A celebratory retrospective concert

Soundings, the Austrian Cultural Forum London’s unique platform for contemporary music now in its 8th year, presents and profiles young composers and artists from the UK and Austria in workshops, symposia and performances. With multiple premières, collaborations and broadcasts on BBC Radio 3 and profiles on Austrian ORF television, Soundings has established itself as a key event in the music calendar of the UK, and has already travelled in concert to Vienna, Venice, Bayreuth, and Oslip Mühle (Austria).

The unique opportunity afforded by Soundings has resulted in outstanding new works and performances from these highly collaborative weeks of exchanges, discussions and innovation.

This concert offers the opportunity to hear selected works from the past 8 years.

Event programme, 5 December 2011, 8.00pm
at Kings Place, London

Claudia Molitor: Five sparkling marbles
for piano

Gerhard Krammer: 2 songs
from Rueckert Texts, for soprano & piano

Ed Bennett: Magnetic
for clarinet & piano

Reinhard Fuchs: Wo Lippen die Blätter zu Zeichen bewegen
for solo flute & electronics (world premiere)

David Fennessy: The first thing, the last thing, and everything in between
for piano (London premiere)

Elisabeth Harnik: Wie aus weitester ferne
(dedicated to Gustav Mahler), improvisation for flute and piano


Emily Howard: Ada sketches
for voice, flute, clarinet, percussion

Joe Cutler: Comfortable Music
violin and piano

Joanna Wozny: Kahles Astwerk
for voice, flute, clarinet, cello

Robert Fokkens: Africa
for soprano & piano

Johannes Maria Staud: Für Bálint András Varga
10 Miniatures, piano trio

Kings Place
Hall Two
90 York Way
London N1 9AG


Foto: Johannes Maria Staud