Spotify Says Hello To Austria

Finally – Spotify has also opened its doors to users in Austria.

As proclaimed in the company’s announcement blog post:

“We’ve been busy translating Spotify into German. So now we can say hallo to our new friends from Austria!
Yes, today sees Austria become the tenth member of the Spotify family. Our Austrian friends can choose from three great Spotify services – from absolutely free to paid subscriptions.”

As with all of the other European countries in which it operates, users can choose between Spotify Free, Spotify Unlimited for 4.99EUR a month and Spotify Premium for 9.99EUR a month.

The company has also utilised the world’s largest social network Facebook to share the music its users like and listen to. Just recently, Spotify hаѕ bееn hitting thе headlines due to a tie-up wіth Facebook. It was forced to slightly adapt its service to allow users to opt-out of sharing music and adding its new “Private Listening Mode” to stop updates from being synced to Facebook accounts by default.