Yukno (c) Luca Fuchs

What has been hinted at by various single releases and the much-praised 2016 EP “König ohne Land”, is now being impressively confirmed by the release of the album “Ich kenne kein Weekend” (Yukno the Records). The Styrian duo YUKNO is a band, which definitely seems to be destined for greater things and will certainly stir up a lot of dust.

One thing is unmistakable: this troop has something completely different in mind than following the beaten path. Yukno – (spoken like “you know”) – is a band that approaches “discreetly electronic indie pop” from a slightly different perspective. On “Ich kenne kein Weekend” the melancholically dreamy, sometimes dark notes reign supreme, the musicians display an elegant and occasionally casual restraint, one far from any overflowing musical spectacle. The result develops its own vibe that calmly pushes superficiality back into the more demanding depths in a really gripping way.


Yukno Albumcover “Ich kenne kein Weekend”
Albumcover “Ich kenne kein Weekend”

The brothers Georg and Nikolaus Nöhrer, who once played local clubs successfully with the band Neodisco, are not interested in creating a party mood. No, their songs adorned with thoughtful German-language lyrics reveal themselves as a musical invitation to let yourself go for a few moments and immerse yourself in the fine melodies, danceable beats, and the space-filling synths. In their songs, the two-man team from Styria develops a very special mood, one that draws some influences from the musical past of pop music, but also – without being ingratiating – hits the current Zeitgeist.

Yukno‘s debut album is more than just an interesting contrast to countless pop productions. “Ich kenne kein Weekend” is an album that hasn’t spent its ammunition at the very start, but one that grows over time and lets the listeners continuously discover new dimensions. Really strong.

Michael Ternai (translated from German by David Dempsey)

Yukno live:
21.02. Prinzenbar, Hamburg (mit Liam X)
22.02. Jungle, Köln (mit Liam X)
23.02. Muffatcafé, Munich (mit Liam X)
24.02. Schräglage, Stuttgart (mit Liam X)
04.03. Berghain Kantine, berlin (mit Liam X)
05.04.-07.04. Dynamo Festival, Dornbirn
10.04. schonschön, Mainz
11.04. Yuca, Köln
12.04. Uebel & Gefährlich, Hamburg
16.04. Musik & Frieden, Berlin
25.04. B72, Vienna
27.04. PPC, Graz

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