Orges & The Ockus-Rockus Band

ORGES & THE OCKUS-ROCKUS BAND – Orges Toçe’s voice is like a shovelful of gravel pickled in whiskey; his lyrics careen between cryptic sociopolitical pronouncements, back‐to-­the-­land utopianism, hymns to the bicycle and drunken philosophy. Orges & The Ockus­‐Rockus Band plays fingerpickin’ country … read more »

Oscar Antoli Quartet

Hailing from across Europe and from a wide range of musical backgrounds, the sounds that emerge from the collaboration of the musicians Oscar Antolí, Rainer Maria Nero, Marko Ferlan and Carlos Ronda are diverse and unique. The combination of mild, yet jovial … read more »


Klaus Paier, Asja Valcic © Michael Reidinger

World music that draws its influences from all regions of the world – this encompasses the musical spirit that the duo Paier/Valcic have been pursuing for many years. On their records, the Austrian accordionist Klaus Paier and Croatian cellist Asja Valcic present … read more »

Peter Herbert

Peter Herbert, © Wolfgang Gonaus

Born Leap Day of 1960 in Bludenz, Austria Bassist Peter Herbert has been living in Paris since 2003 (in New York from 1989-2003) and leads a busy schedule with an average of 100 concerts annually throughout the world. Trained as a classical … read more »

Peter Kronreif

Salzburg native PETER KRONREIF has been sought-after drummer for artists of many styles and genres as well as a distinguished creator of music in his own rank. Now on the New York jazz scene for the past 10 years, he gained a … read more »

Philipp Kienberger

Philipp Kienberger (c) Philipp Kienberger

Philipp Kienberger is one of those artistis who always tries to think outside the box. As a bass player (double bass and electric bass), as a composer as well as an organizer of different projects he is always searching for new sound … read more »

Philipp Nykrin

Philipp Nykrin, Portraitfoto © Severin Dostal, Julian Weidenthaler

Philipp Nykrin, born 1984 in Salzburg into a family of musicians and music educators, has made his name in Austria as well as abroad. Even though, at a very young age, Nykrin started to play the violin and was classically trained, he … read more »


Phoen by Martin Bilinovac

Viola Falb, Christoph Pepe Auer, Florian Fennes and Arnold Zamarin are four highly experimental musicians who are always searching for new musical challenges and like to look beyond the obvious boundaries. They all come from the environment of the Jazz Werkstatt Vienna. … read more »


PNEUMA are Jakob Gnigler, Robert Pockfuß, Christine Gnigler and Bernhard Höchtel. Each member is involved in different musical projects. In Pneuma the four musicians are focussing on contemporary composition and improvised music. Coming from baroque music, free jazz, noise, a capella and … read more »


PRIM (c) Johannes Raimann

PRIM is an Austrian jazz ensemble that challenges the traditional piano trio format. Drawing from such diverse sources of inspiration as e.s.t, the Neil Cowley Trio, GoGo Penguin and Johann Sebastian Bach, the three musicians nevertheless manage to establish their unique sound. … read more »