Max Nagl

Max Nagl © Johannes Novohradsky

Looking at the numerous projects in which Max Nagl is involved, one thing instantly becomes quite clear. This is a musician who wants to create his own freedom and for whom the words “fear of contact” are a foreign term. There is … read more »


Cover Shot Meretrio by Meretrio by Pepe Guimaraes

Meretrio is a rare example of a real band! It is active since 2004 and fascinates by its continuous search for new musical paths, having already released nine very distinct albums that explore the musical connection between three Brazilian musicians. In 2016 … read more »

Mnozil Brass

Mnozil Brass by Daniela Matejschek edited by Roman Rindberger

For two decades Mnozil Brass has been able to impress many, many music connoisseurs at home and abroad. Those who have already exprienced the combo live probably know why. A concert of the seven headed formation almost always evolves into a highly … read more »

Month of Sundays

Month of Sundays (c) Alexander Mairhofer

Month of Sundays, founded in Vienna in the spring of 2013, has been following ever since the objective of creating contemporary chamber music. In their songs, they strive for a high level of details and put the focus on a well-considered coordination … read more »

Muriel Grossmann

Austrian alto, soprano, tenor saxophonist, singer and composer Muriel Grossmann was born in Paris and grew up in Vienna, where she initiated classical studies of flute at the age of five until twenty-one, when she switched to alto and soprano saxophone for … read more »

Namby Pamby Boy

Namby Pamby Boy (c) Severin Koller

The multilayered music of Namby Pamby Boy has always been one of the things that sets this trio apart from the norm. Musical traditions hold no sway for these innovatively experimental free-thinkers. From their very beginning, Fabian Rucker (woodwinds), Philip Nykrin (Fender Rhodes) und … read more »

Nenad Vasilic

Vasilic Nenad

Musical brilliance and lived inspiration: there is no other quite like him – a double bass player, a composer, an arranger and a complete rhythm section refined and rolled into one person: NENAD VASILIC has long been at the forefront of European … read more »

Orges & The Ockus-Rockus Band

ORGES & THE OCKUS-ROCKUS BAND – Orges Toçe’s voice is like a shovelful of gravel pickled in whiskey; his lyrics careen between cryptic sociopolitical pronouncements, back‐to-­the-­land utopianism, hymns to the bicycle and drunken philosophy. Orges & The Ockus­‐Rockus Band plays fingerpickin’ country … read more »

Oscar Antoli Quartet

Hailing from across Europe and from a wide range of musical backgrounds, the sounds that emerge from the collaboration of the musicians Oscar Antolí, Rainer Maria Nero, Marko Ferlan and Carlos Ronda are diverse and unique. The combination of mild, yet jovial … read more »


Klaus Paier, Asja Valcic © Michael Reidinger

World music that draws its influences from all regions of the world – this encompasses the musical spirit that the duo Paier/Valcic have been pursuing for many years. On their records, the Austrian accordionist Klaus Paier and Croatian cellist Asja Valcic present … read more »