David Helbock Trio (c) Astrid Dill
David Helbock Trio (c) Astrid Dill

David Helbock is one of the leading and most internationally successful contemporary Austrian jazz pianists. Together with his trio he has released the album “Into The Mystic” on ACT Records. An album that once again proves just what incredible musical feats he is capable of.

“Into The Mystic” celebrates the variety and openness of jazz in a breathtakingly beautiful way. The pianist from Vorarlberg and his bandmates Raphael Preuschl (bass ukulele) and Reinhard Schmölzer (drums) open all the doors and create connections: from the traditional to the modern, from one musical style to another, from composition to improvisation. And he does it with an amazingly easy self assurance.


Cover „Into the Mystic“
Cover „Into the Mystic“

At one point on the album the traditional jazz of Thelonius Monk comes to the surface. At another a refreshingly unclassical interpretation of Ludwig van Beethoven. On “Into the Mystic” the David Helbock Trio explore the worlds of pop, blues, and soul to finally find their way to film music with their interpretation of the Star Wars soundtrack.

The exceptionally talented 32 year old understands how to add his own personal touch to this incredible range with a complex and impulsive performance. Whether dignified and reserved, laid-back and cool, experimental or even suspenseful and dramatic; the loving attention to detail he and his band pay to the songs makes every moment sound like the David Helbock Trio.

“Into The Mystic” is a work that definitely aims to create images in the listeners minds. Something it very effectively achieves. The deeper one explores the songs, the more one loses oneself in them. The many fine melodies, delicately woven harmonies and stirring dynamics invite the listener to relax and surrender to the intense listening experience. It is a great album that is also really fun.

Michael Ternai (adapted from the German by David Dempsey)


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