Gewürztraminer & da gmischte Satz © Gabriele Roithner

Yes, the troupe GEWÜRZTRAMINER knows exactly how to stage an engaging world music show. Their last album “Tanzverbot” was already an impressive example. Now with “Sau Nice” (Cracked Anegg) GEWÜRZTRAMINER have just proven it again in a really irresistible and rousing way.

Whether or not one classifies Gewürztraminer to the category of world music is completely irrelevant. Fact is, that the stylistic variety evident in the bands songs crosses every musical border. Gidon Oechsner (guitar, vocals), Marco Filippovits (guitar, vocals), Julian Wohlmuth (guitar), Atanas Dinovski (accordion), Daniel Schober (double bass) and Daniel Neuhauser (drums) – the six gentlemen behind Gewürztraminer – celebrate complete musical freedom on “Sau Nice”. They draw inspiration from a little bit of everything, let their joy of playing run free and mix it all together into a sound that goes off like brightest fireworks display.

sound that sets you in motion

Albumcover "Sau Nice" Gewürztraminer "Sau Nice" Gewürztraminer
Albumcover “Sau Nice”

The Viennese sextet, which joined forces with the wind ensemble Gmischta Satz (Herb Berger, Markus Pechmann, Martin Schiske, Dario Schwärzler) to expand its sound spectrum on “Sau Nice”, has given its fans a fiery, extremely danceable and passionately performed crossover cocktail of jazz, pop, gypsy swing, Balkan sounds, soul, klezmer, hip-hop, rock, reggae and many other musical ingredients. Between melody and groove the songs, refined with black humour and social criticism, sound extremely varied. Sometimes they go straight forward, then they sound again almost grandiose, sometimes with a dash of pop appeal, then again very playful. The entire spectrum of the Gewürztraminer´s palette is revealed on the final 22-minute instrumental piece “Pljeskavica”. It is a dance number which starts in Techno and develops itself over tension-loaded and trance-like arcs up to a big, gripping, finale.

“Sau Nice” has become an album that goes wild and really makes you feel good. And all this with a high level of style. The Gewürztraminer let exactly the tone sound that electrifies, captures and sets you in motion. “Sau nice” is a really impressive piece of world music.

Michael Ternai (translated from the German article by David Dempsey)

Gewürztraminer live:
18.05. Radio Kulturhaus, Vienna
30.05. Röda, Steyr
01.06. Altes Depot, Mistelbach
02.06. St. Pieschen, Dresden (D)
08.06. World Music Days, Wiener Neustadt
09.06. Peter’s Pub, Vienna
15.06. vereinsMAYERbühne/GH Mayer, Rekawinkel
16.06. Rad & Roll, Wels
23.06. Altes Sägewerk, Kufstein
24.06. Ö1 Kulturzelt, Donauinselfest, Wien
26.06. Theater am Spittelberg, Vienna
29.06. Woodstock der Blasmusik, Ried
29.06. Musik & Antipasti, Oberhaching (D)
12.07. Burgfest, Stadtschlaining
13.07. Summertimeblues, Gamlitz
26.07. Theatron, Olympiapark, München (D)
28.07. Gailklangfestival, Gailtal

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