Karolina Strassmayer (c) Karolina Strassmayer
Karolina Strassmayer (c) Karolina Strassmayer

In April the city of Bremen will once again become an important center of the international jazz scene. The 12th edition of JAZZAHEAD! will offer guests from around the planet a chance to enjoy a very diverse musical program and to meet their partners and friends at the ever-growing international trade fair. Between the 27th and 30th of April over 40 concerts will take place.

This year Austria will be represented by the David Helbock Trio and the saxophonist Karolina Strassmayr with her quartet KLARO!. Austrian records labels, promoter, agencies and journalists will again participate in the trade fair. Meet us at the Austrian Booth in a Viennese café-inspired atmosphere and join the Austrian companies for networking and the traditional Alpine Cocktail:

Meet & Greet the artists
Friday, 28.04., 12:00, Austrian Stand 6D13
David Helbock Trio / KLARO! – Karolina Strassmayer & Drori Mondlak / Mario Rom’s Interzone

Alpine Cocktail – Meet Austria, Switzerland & South Tyrol
Friday, 28.04., 16:00, Austrian Stand 6D13 & Swiss Stand 6C10


European Jazz Meeting: 2017/04/28, 02:00 – 02:30 PM, Hall 7.2
David Helbock from Vorarlberg is one of the most successful Austrian jazz pianists right now. His trio focuses on a reduced and, as he says, “uncomplicated” approach to jazz. An “uncomplicated” sound but not technique. The compositions and arrangements are well planned with a love for detail while creating a multifaceted whole without sounding overburdened.
David Helbock, Raphael Preuschl (bass ukulele) and Reinhold Schmölzer (drums) create an atmospheric and eventful sound. Their most recent release “Into the Mystic” reveals music in which emotion plays an important role and new musical bridges are formed. The trio takes us from the traditional to the modern, from one musical style to another, from composition to improvisation, and from Beethoven to Star Wars.


European Jazz Meeting: 2017/04/28, 08:00 – 08:30 PM, Hall 7.1
From Styria into the great wide world of jazz. According to Downbeat Magazine, Karolina Strassmayer is among the top five most interesting alto-saxophonists in the world right now. After twenty years in New York she has gained a reputation for her passionate, varied and witty approach to melodies. It is a reputation which has allowed her to play with some of the greats of the international jazz scene. Together with the New York drummer Drori Mondlak she has formed the quartet KLARO! A project in which the two explore their shared joy in musical diversity. A diversity they express through energetic grooves and tastefully gentle moments that feed off of a wide range of influences, from European classical music, folklore, American jazz and swing to other forms of contemporary music.

Austrian artists & companies at Jazzahead 2017

Boomslang Records / Bezau Beatz * Stone, Art & Sound * Christian Muthspiel * Lofish Music * Saudades Tourneen * Concerto Magazin * ORF / OE 1 * glp – Georg Leitner Productions * Jazz & The City * Session Work Records * graustein artists / bigathing * Sounddesign Austria * mica-music Austria/ Austrian Music Export * Jazz Big Band Graz * Natango Music * Jazzodrom * kug – Kunst Universität Graz * Donauwellenreiter * Mario Rom’s Interzone * Lotus Records * PAO / INNtöne Festival * David Helbock Trio * Klaro!

Karolina Strassmayer
David Helbock