Bild (c) Jütz
Bild (c) Jütz

Guiding alpine folk music from its past into the present, helping it to produce a stylistically open sound and thus filling it with fresh new life: JÜTZ have shown on their second album “hin & über” (Chaos Records) what gripping beauty one can bring the traditional alpine sound.

A respectful treatment of the music of the homeland and its further development: that’s what this album is all about. The sound of the Swiss-Austrian trio Jütz is one of great feeling far from any clichés, it is one of wonderful elegance and solidity, extraordinarily lively, tenderly gentle, refreshingly playful, deeply touching, lyrical, and full of charm. Isa Kurz (vocals, violin, accordion, dulcimer), Philipp Moll (double bass, electric bows, vocals) and Daniel Woodtli (trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals) show themselves to be a formation that really knows exactly where it wants to go and what it wants to achieve. The way in which the trio develops its arcs, with which it connects the diverse, how it deals with the instruments and thus with the sound, simply shows itself to be the high art of musical reinterpretation.


Albumcover Jütz, “hin & über”
Album cover “hin & über”

The pieces of this young, freethinking and inventive ensemble, are wrapped up in a wonderfully warm sound. They range from the traditional to the modern, from classical folk music to contemporary music, from jazz and chamber music to polka and to contemporary singer-songwriting and back. Isa Kurz and her two colleagues strike a very multi-faceted and multi-layered tone on “hin & über”, a tone that is sometimes calm, fragile, and melancholically, then suddenly really energetic and groovy again.

With “hin & über” Jütz present an album that opens the doors to a wonderfully atmospheric and deep listening experience. The pieces by Isa Kurz, Philipp Moll and Daniel Woodtli, which oscillate between vocal and instrumental music, are intoxicatingly original because they speak a language other than the well-known language of folk music.

Michael Ternai

Jütz live:
22.03. Gostner Schwaige, Kastelruth (ITA)
23.03. Hotel Heubad, Völs am Schlern (ITA)
24.03. Lindensaal, Axams (A)
12.04. Feinkost Lampe, Hannover (D)
13.04. Kirche St. Agathe, Schopfheim-Fahrnau (D)
14.04. Kirche Kandern, Kandern (D)
15.06. Burg Hasegg, Hall in Tirol (A)
20.06. Schloss Thun, Thun (CH)

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