Patricia Kopatchinskaja (c) ERIC MELZER
Patricia Kopatchinskaja (c) ERIC MELZER

The series “mica focus” is dedicated to lectures and discussions on current topics in Austria´s contemporary music scene. In cooperation with Wien Modern, the mica focus “Concert Promotion and Risk-Taking” on November 16, 2018 aims to foster international networking. An international panel will be discussing the topics of risk-taking and safety thinking in concert promotion. 

Concert Promotion and Risk-Taking

The conductor Nikolaus Harnoncourt once said: »Our task isn’t to rummage around in safe areas.« For him, the willingness to take risks was one of the preconditions for making music and many of the musicians taking part in Wien Modern 2018 demonstrate just that – from violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja and improvisation collectives to Vienna’s three main orchestras and hundreds of students from the city´s music colleges and universities.

But what about the concert organisers’ willingness to take risks? How do music and cultural managers, concert halls and festivals navigate the two poles between risk and security? Every live performance per se carries a risk. But beyond that, what can be said about the flight to easily marketable repertoire, about the comfort zone of the familiar and about the thinking that performers must play it safe out of economic considerations? What constitutes a risk and what strategies are there to tackle such risks? What is to be lost and what is to be gained from taking risky strategies? A panel of leading international experts discuss and examine a question that is more urgent than ever in today’s music business.

Panel: Concert Promotion and Risk-Taking, hosted by Bernhard Günther
November 16, 04:00 – 06:00pm, Depot

  • Christos Carras, Director Onassis Cultural Centre Athen
  • Ruth Goubran, Head of Community Affairs & Sponsoring, Erste Bank
  • Patricia Kopatchinskaja, Artist
  • Moritz Lobeck, Programme Director Music and Music Theatre, Hellerau Dresden
  • Jochem Valkenburg, Programme Director Music and Music Theatre, Holland Festival Amsterdam
  • Eleanor Ward, Executive Director, Nonclassical London

Networking Reception
November 16, 06:00 – 07:00pm, Depot

Following the panel discussion, Austrian Music Export invites the audience to a networking reception. We will serve snacks and drinks in the relaxed atmosphere of depot – Kunst und Diskussion. The reception offers the perfect chance for ensembles, promoters and musicians with an interest in internationalisation and music export to connect and network with our international guests.

Venue: depot – Kunst und Diskussion, Breite Gasse 3, 1070 Vienna. Free entry!

Wien Modern
Depot – Kunst und Diskussion