NAMBY PAMBY BOY’s self titled release is a work of music that has declared the search for their idiosyncratic sound as its leitmotif. A work that proves this trios reputation as one of the most interesting bands in Austria is still well deserved.

The multilayered music of Namby Pamby Boy has always been one of the things that sets this trio apart from the norm. Musical traditions hold no sway for these innovatively experimental free-thinkers. From their very beginning, Fabian Rucker (woodwinds), Philip Nykrin (Fender Rhodes) und Andreas Lettner (drums) have chosen to play in a very broad sphere of musical action. Despite being trained jazz musicians, it is one genre that doesn’t really play a role in the music of Namby Pamby Boy. Well, not a major one, anyway.

A rather original interpretation of the term “crossover”

Their music is a colorful mix of genres. And that makes it rather difficult to find a concise description for it. It is the fine art of crossover that Rucker, Nykrin and Lettner are playing with. The combination and transformation of elements from jazz, electronic, hip hop, trip hop, funk, rock and classic. A musical alchemy that produces a lively, varied, and unique sound of its own.

It is a dynamic sound full of groove. The sound of quiet but audibly dense rooms, of riotous spaces and minimalist passages. The path Rucker and his colleagues have chosen to take leads off the beaten trail; through dark and gloomy surroundings, suddenly absurd turns, and even in surprisingly dignified directions. One never knows where the journey will lead. And that is what makes it so suspenseful and interesting.

Namby Pamby Boy – Namby Pamby Boy is out now via Babel Label (UK).

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