Plaided @ SXSW 2013 in Texas

Plaided are a refreshing counterpoint to the usual and dull classic indie rock formats. As a duo Veronika Eberhart and Julia Mitterbauer celebrate musical nonconformity in its purest form and refuse to subdue to fashionable hipster sounds. From the very first note their songs reek of punk with a lot of edginess and attitude.

Fortunately they are not yet extinct. The bands that consciously reject the mainstream sound and are capable of bringing back the wild in today’s generic guitar music. The Viennese duo Plaided is definitely one of those positive exceptions and succeed in injecting new life into rock music with their unique interpretations. Without really looking left or right, Veronika Eberhart and Julia Mitterbauer follow through with their own thing.

They create songs that get right to the point without any pathos and grand gestures and score with a refreshing obliqueness and a high degree of originality. Musically, the duo operates somewhere between driving rock smashers that can get really noisy, and reserved, quiet acoustic numbers, without ever falling into anything balladesque. The two ladies are also characterized by their attention to detail. Their songs are spiced up with many small tonal gimmicks that make the music as varied as it gets. Even after repeated listening, you will always discover something new.

As the full package, they are of course also a blast on stage and will be representing Austria at this year’s SXSW Festival in Texas. If you’r heading out to the upcoming festival in Austin, Texas, but sure not to miss Plaided performing on the 12th of March!


Check band website for international concerts.