Popfest Wien 2019: Sessions

Popfest Wien 2019
Popfest Wien 2019

The POPFEST WIEN SESSIONS are a two-day discussion programme that will examine the current conditions of contemporary pop creation as part of the Popfest Wien 2019.

In cooperation with AME and mica – music austria, the Popfest Wien offers its visitors an annual forum to examine aspects of musical life in Austria and beyond. As in previous years, the Popfest Sessions are free of charge and take place on Friday, July 26 and Saturday July 27, 2019 in the Atrium of the Wien Museum at Karlsplatz.

The Popfest Sessions will take a discursive and constructively-critical approach to examining the economic conditions which musicians and music creators have to deal with, how to be creative, the relationship between Austrian music and its media partners, the question which changes have taken place in the Austrian music scene over the last 25 years. Representatives of the Austrian and international music industry, music journalists and critics, organisers and musicians will discuss the aesthetic dimensions, economic potentials and risks of a rapidly changing industry in discussion rounds and talks.

All talks and concerts are free of charge.

Popfest Wien 2019: Sessions Programme

Friday, July  26 | Wien Museum Karlsplatz
16.00 Panel 1 Curating Popfest
17.00 Live Anniversary Live Act
18.00 Panel 2 Ein Deka Pop – Book presentation for the 10th Popfest
19.30 Live Lucia Leena
21.00 Live ÄNN
 Saturday, July 27 | Wien Museum Karlsplatz
14.00 – 16.00 ASK 1 QUESTION!
16.00 Panel 1 Music – Radio – Journalism
17.00 Live Romantic Slivo
18.00 Panel 2 25 years mica – music austria
19.30 Live LIONOIR
21.30 Live Embracing Shitstorm


15.00 – 20.00 VINYLMARKET
In the foyer of the Wien Museum there will be a market dedicated to Austro-Vinyl rarities. Selected dealers, proven Austrian specialists, offer a fine, hand-picked selection that is not limited to any epoch or genre.

16.00 – 17.00 Curating Popfest
For the tenth Popfest, we open up a view of the decision-making processes behind the festival’s programme. Former and present curators will look into the question of what the festival has achieved, what it missed and where it can still go in the future. Who is represented, what does gender justice mean, where does the pop festival stand within the parallel society separated by ethnicity and social status, but also in relation to other commercial and sponsored events? One may, no, should join in the discussion.

17.00 – 18.00 Live: Anniversary Live Act

18.00 – 19.00 Ein Deka Pop – Book presentation for the 10th Popfest
This is the title of the 280-page book, published by Falter Verlag just in time for the tenth festival, in which a host of photos and memories by Christoph Möderndorfer, Gabriela Hegedüs and Katharina Seidler, but above all Popfest Wien co-founder Robert Rotifer’s pointed programme texts on 400 Popfest acts and 14 curators from ten editions come together. As at the festival itself, the focus lies on the artists themselves, from Abby Lee Tee to Zanshin. Between two book covers, this diversity results in an alphabetically ordered, quasi-lexical all-round view of the city’s pop music over the past decade, from recent history to the present.

19.30 Live: Lucia Leena

21.00 Live: Änn

Saturday, JULY 27  | WIEN MUSEUM

In the foyer of the Wien Museum there will be a market dedicated to Austro-Vinyl rarities. Selected dealers, proven Austrian specialists, offer a fine, hand-picked selection that is not limited to any epoch or genre.

14.00 – 16.00 ASK 1 QUESTION!
The idea behind this premiere at the Popfest is that curators wish to offer music mediation for everyone. Visitors can bluntly ask a question to the music industry professionals present.
This is a unique opportunity for artists, bookers, music producers, technicians, journalists, etc. to learn interesting facts in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • 14.00  Q&As with: Ankathie Koi, P.tah, Karin Tonsern, Monophobe, Marco Kleebauer
  • 15.00 Q&As with: Susi Ondrusova, Clemens Wenger, Lylit, Bettina Schöll

16.00 – 17.00 Music-Radio-Journalism?
The end of the print editions of Spex, Groove and Intro leaves a big gap for the demanding pop discourse in German language media. Today, in times of increasing politicization of pop, from left to right, thinking and writing about pop music is more important than ever. Even the fact that the pop discourse has now reached the feuilletons of the big newspapers cannot close this gap. But what about public radio, with its music and cultural programmes? Here would be plenty of room to think about pop contexts, to talk about them and to enlighten them, and the educational mission of the stations should oblige them to do so. But where is this still possible? Where is it already being done? And where is it perhaps planned at the moment? What significance does a pop discourse have for public radio, and what should it have? Guests: Christoph Reimann and Dirk Schneider (Deutschlandradio), Jochen Schliemann (ReisenReisen Podcast, WDR Eins Live), Susi Ondrusova (Radio FM4) and Daniel Koch (freelance journalist, Applaus Magazine), Maik Brüggemeyer (Rolling Stone)

17.00 – 18.00 Live Act: Romantic Slivo

18.00 – 19.30 25 years mica – music austria
In 2019 mica – music austria celebrates its 25th anniversary. Founded in 1994 on the initiative of the Republic of Austria, the music information center austria has been drawing attention to current music from Austria for a quarter of a century and supports musicians in all economic and legal matters. A lot has happened in the Austrian music scene over the past 25 years. The digital structural change has also had far-reaching consequences for us. How have the general conditions and the economic environment and thus also the services and offerings of mica – music austria changed during this time? Guests: Thomas Heher, Hannes Tschürtz, Mira Lu Kovacs, Franz Hergovich

19.30 Live: LIONOIR

21.00 Live: Embracing Shitstorm

Popfest Wien 2019 >> Sessions

The Popfest Sessions are presented by the Vienna Business Agency. A cooperation of AME, mica – music austria and Popfest Wien. Organization: Tatjana Domany, Mira Lu Kovacs, Rainer Praschak, Robert Rotifer, Yasmo

Popfest Wien 2019
Popfest Wien 2019

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