Unsafe and Sounds 2022 poster
(c) Unsafe and Sounds 2022

UNSAFE+SOUNDS is pushing back against the viral feeling of insecurity and focuses on artistic positions that confront our reality. Their aim is to establish relationships with the fundamental changes in the environment, and search for agency, for appropriate sounds for our tainted future and our bewildering existence. Check out the wide-ranging, multifaceted and quite spectacular program, running from September 23 to Oct 1, 2022.


Every day, the outrageous seems to become more and more commonplace: war, natural disasters, climate crises, energy crises, banking crises, epidemics and pandemics, right-wing pressure, surveillance, information overflow, excess of data, exploitation, synchronization, powerlessness, depression. Smart powers rule, so it is easy to misunderstand domination as freedom and digital communication as community. Surveillance creeps into everyday life as a convenience, and freedom is exploited. Dataism does not envision a different future. The ‘like’, Byung-Chul Han believes, is excluding the revolution. Today, there is only a perspective of crisis when we think about the future. Farewell to utopia, now for real.

The immediacy of the here and now, living in the moment is attainable. Our bodies, we still have. And sound. The birth of alternative realities is not yet in sight – the critical mass remains invisible – yet in ecstatic states, in stepping out of oneself, different worlds of perception are offered. We build ourselves an idealized subjective reality, an emotional retreat, a cocooning, yes, but nonetheless still the search for a different kind of presence in the here and now is continuing. We seek a practice of (un)learning, of feeling the real of the moment, the immediacy of sound – the urgency of volume or silence, the hypnotic speed or slowness of rhythm, seeking and finding an elimination of pain, a temporary autonomous zone, a Utopia of Sound. The reconquest of euphoria, jouissance and ecstasy, shared intense experiences by means of sonic fictions and mutations. Sonic sensuality – being immediate. At least temporarily, for a few days, locating vehemence in the ephemerality of the moment. 

Shilla Strelka aka Inou Ki Endo (c) Anna Breit
Shilla Strelka aka Inou Ki Endo (c) Anna Breit


Entering its 8th edition in 2022, Unsafe+Sounds Festival will once again focus on the connection between social issues and contemporary aesthetics in music. The festival presents musical positions of a contemporary culture, which try to reflect and, with partly radical results, to depict the reality surrounding us. What unites the participating musicians are emancipatory approaches that form an aesthetic for our present moment; socialization through DJ and sampling culture. The aim is to show some of the many intersections of experimental underground, contemporary club culture and academic avant-garde, and ultimately to repurpose the potential found in the immediacy and urgency of music. After all, the capacity for imagination begins with the music-listening subject, with what gives us pleasure.


For the first time, there will be a discourse program in 2022, covering the politics of the body in search of audio-social potentials. Bodies will be back! According to Kodwo Eshun, music is often about unlearning the laws internalized by the body. For him, that’s exactly what politics is: “It’s about re-enchanting the idea of the body, and there’s a lot of music that does just that. But it’s not big-P politics, it’s not marching-and-demonstrating politics, it’s sensual/sensory politics.” Dancing and listening are important audio-social practices for us, they don’t establish revolution or utopia, but they exercise presence and express agency. The discourse program investigates the unwritten politics of the dance floor and what remains when the music is over.

The techno-rave can be interpreted as the last great utopia in pop. Many saw considerable sociopolitical or countercultural potential not only in the novel sounds but also in the club as a social site, but it was never fully formulated, and ultimately hardly realized. This is why Simon Reynolds wrote in 1997 that rave culture has turned from living dream to living death. Many thought that if class, race or gender could be overcome on the dancefloor, then the pending problems could be solved overall. But back in everyday life, most of the problems remained. The club or rave itself was rarely explicitly directed against discrimination or disadvantages – one was not against it, but one was for overcoming it. Nevertheless, numerous ravers, musicians, and researchers ascribe countercultural potential to the club and the dancefloor. The question of why is explored in four thematic blocks. 

photo of deforrest brown junior (c) tingding
Deforrest Brown Jr (c) Tingding

#1 How does music change in the globalized (platform) capitalism of the present? (DeForrest Brown Jr., Mattin)

#2 Off the Radar: What is happening beyond the attention machine? Experimental music and noise from regions of the so-called ‘global south’ (Cedrik Fermont)

#3 Enjoyment, pleasure, intensity, intimacy & communality in the context of sound experiences and alternative sound cultures (Wolfgang Sterneck, Eugenia Seriakov); door and gatekeeping policies, curated diversity in clubs (Luis Manuel Garcia); situating the dancefloor (Ana Threat & No Bra)

#4 Local history and status quo – discussions with witnesses and activists: the beginnings of techno in Vienna (Pure, Tina 303, Pulsinger, Tunakan, DJ Glow) and collectively-managed music spaces in Austria (p.m.k., Einbaumöbel, KAPU, Lames, Arena Squatting 1976). Which spaces for thinking, listening, and playing have opened or closed in 30 years of club culture and what do we need for the future?


Fri. Sep. 23, 2022

ZACHERLFABRIK (Attention: changed venue!)

18:00­—————Inou Ki Endo  (dj-set)
19:00­—————Rent  (live)
20:00­—————Stine Janvin (live)
21:00­—————SØS Gunver Ryberg (live)
22:00­—————Haskii  (dj-set)



23:30­—————DJ Ebhardy  (dj-set)
01:00­—————Rrose  (dj-set)
03:00­—————UFO95 (live)
04:30—————Kim Leclerc  (dj-set)


01:00­­—————Elin  (live)
02:00­­—————Christia Ingemann (dj-set)
04:00­­—————Flower Crime  (dj-set)

SOS Gunver Ryberg Press Photo
SOS Gunver Ryberg Press Photo

Sat. Sep. 24, 2022


23:00­—————Anthea & Kenji Araki (live)
00:00­—————In My Talons  (live)
01:00—————Astrid Gnosis (live)
02:00­—————Sentimental Rave  (dj-set)
04:00—————DJ DIAMOND  (dj-set)


00:00­­—————Amblio  (dj-set)
02:00­­—————Bootlicker (dj-set)
04:00­­—————Vich Mind  (dj-set)

Wed. Sep. 28, 2022


16:00­—————Kristina Pia Hofer & No Bra: »The situated dancefloor: artistic positions« (artist talk)
17:00­—————Cedrik Fermont»Electroacoustic, experimental and noise music from the so-called global South« (talk)

19:00­—————Mattin (live)
20:00­—————No Bra (live)
21:00­—————Privat (live)

Thu. Sep. 29, 2022


16:00­—————Mattin»The Ideology of Lived Experience« (talk)
17:00­—————»Selbstverwaltung von Musikräumen in Österreich – DIY Club Culture & kollektive Praktiken«  (panel)

co-produced by STRUMA+IODINE
19:00­—————YUZU (live)
20:00­—————Kutin (live)
21:00­—————Snake Boots (live)

Snake Boots (c) Leon Hoellhumer
Snake Boots (c) Leon Hoellhumer

Fri. Sep. 30, 2022


16:00­—————Eugenia Seriakov»Forward the Revolution« (talk)
17:00­—————Wolfgang Sterneck: »Party, Drogen, Politik und das tanzbare Leben«  (talk)

co-produced by VENTIL RECORDS
18:30­—————Fragility of Sounds I: Pia Palme & Sonja Leipold (live)
19:30­—————Fragility of Sounds II: Electric Indigo “Brittle” (live)
20:30­—————Rojin Sharafi (live)



22:00­—————Cam Deas & Jung An Tagen (live)
23:00­—————Ewa Justka (live)
00:00­—————Ezy  (dj-set)
02:00­—————High Future  (dj-set)
04:00­—————Alpha Tracks  (dj-set)


22:00­­—————Bushra  (dj-set)
00:00­­—————Oprofessionell (dj-set)
02:00­­—————Mikkel Rev (dj-set)
04:00­­—————DJ Haram (dj-set)

Rojin Sharafi © Igor Ripak
Rojin Sharafi (c) Igor Ripak

Sat. Oct. 1, 2022


co-produced by STRUMA+IODINE
07:00­—————Robert Schwarz (dj-set)
09:00­—————Omformer (live)
10:00­—————Ingrid (dj-set)
12:00­—————Tina 303 (dj-set)

14:30­—————»Die Anfänge von Techno in Wien – Rückblicke und Ausblicke« (panel)
16:00­—————Luis Manuel Garcia-Mispireta»Bouncers, Door Policies, Multiculturalism, and Embedded Diversity in Clubs« (talk)
17:00­—————Pure (dj-set)



23:00­—————Safa (live)
00:00­—————DJ Warzone (live)
01:00­—————Prison Religion (live)
02:00­—————Nkisi (dj-set)
04:00­—————Ehrenschwesta (dj-set) 


01:00­­—————Abu Gabi (live)
02:00­­—————Misonica (dj-set)
04:00­­—————Distortina (dj-set)

Abu Gabi (c) Philippe Gerlach
Abu Gabi (c) Philippe Gerlach