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Elektro Guzzi

Elektro Guzzi, Bandfoto 2016 © Klaus Pichler

Although the local club culture has become somewhat static, it still can surprise in the formal aspect. No project can illustrate this more vividly than Elektro Guzzi. Playing the idea of ​​techno with the means of a classic line-up was first conceived … read more »

Emily Stewart

Emily Stewart, born in London & raised in Costa Rica, lives & works in Vienna. She studied classical music as well as jazz and improvisation; her own work weaves these diverse influences into a unified whole. As an instrumentalist, her unique flexibility … read more »


Fainschmitz (c) Fainschmitz

Fainschmitz create music to dance and to cuddle. One can meet multilingual megaphone lyrics, driving guitar, powerful bass, wild and gentle sounds of saxophone, trumpet and clarinet. They perform own songs between Gypsy Swing, Chanson, Jazz, Pop and Punk. The band consists of four … read more »

Filipova, Sara

For years, SARA FILIPOVA has been one of Vienna’s best-kept secrets. Her voice – capable of both whispered intimacy and full-throated acrobatics – has supported a wide variety of artists in recent years. With her solo debut, Black And White Café, Sara takes … read more »

Gitarren der Liebe

Gitarren der Liebe, Bandfoto © Max Wegscheidler

After their album Nietzsche in Love (2014, Pumpkin Records)  Gitarren der Liebe released “How I Failed To Trick My Destiny” in 2015 –  a 12“ album that comes in a DIY-silk-screen-sweing-sweatshop-sleeve. Attached download comes unexcited. Epic Bernd Heinrauch (Melvins, Chicks On Speed, Mark Deutrum and Hella Comet) … read more »

Großmütterchen HATZ Salon Orkestar

Das Grossmütterchen HATZ Salon Orkestar (c) Gregor Buchhaus

Over the past years the Großmütterchen Hatz Salon Orkestar has rocketed its way through the international world music scene. In 2011 they caused quite a stir with their debut album “Gallato” and have ever since been able to make a name for … read more »

Hank, Sabina

Sabina Hank (c) Markus Roessle

Sabina Hank was born in Salzburg. In 1976 – at the age of five – she began attending Salzburg’s Mozarteum, and she received instruction in classical piano there for 13 years. From 1994 to 1999 she pursued studies in jazz piano and … read more »

Hautzinger, Franz

Franz Hautzinger, Portraitfoto © Clara Zalan

Franz Hautzinger is a musician who has never allowed any restrictions to get in the way of his own creativity. Always preserving artistic freedom as the top priority, the trumpeter, composer and improviser continuously creates his own musical world, where the boundaries … read more »

Heginger, Agnes

Agnes Heginger, Portraitfoto © Dorothea Wimmer

There are musicians and artists who never conform to any type of categorization and with their full body of work vehemently oppose any kind of expectation imposed on them. One of these intrepid musicians is Agnes Heginger, who without doubt belongs in … read more »

Helbock, David

David Helbock´s Random Control (c) Hansjörg Helbock

As one of Austria’s busiest and most sought after jazz pianists, David Helbock has always been a musician full of surprises. With his trio, the David Helbock´s RANDOM/CONTROL, the artist gets his creative juices flowing together with his colleagues Johannes Bär and Andreas Broger … read more »