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Schmieds Puls

Schmieds Puls (c) Ina Aydogan

The trio formed around the singer, guitarist, and songwriter Mira Lu Kovacs, with Walter Singer on contrabass and Christian Grobauer on drums. They have perfected what could be called a new musical distillation, crowned by Mira Lu Kovacs distinctive, crystal-clear voice. Where … read more »

Selini Quartet

Selini Quartet (c) Damian Posse

In 2018 the Selini Quartet won the second prize of the Karol Szymanowski International Music Competition in Poland. The passion and commitment of the four musicians have led them to perform at the most renowned concert halls in Vienna – among others, … read more »

Sex Jams

Sex Jams are straight out of Vienna’s throbbing underground DIY scene, and are a thrilling live act that spit out spontaneous bursts of pure pop and overdriven noise-fuzz capable of disarming the mightiest of opposition. Their album Trouble, Honey packages Punk-pop with … read more »

Shake Stew

Shake Stew

When you talk about Shake Stew, you are talking about one of the most exciting jazz formations in Austria at the moment. Lukas Kranzelbinder and his troupe, consisting of the top class musicians Mario Rom (trumpet), Johnny Schleiermacher (tenor saxophone), Clemens Salesny (alto … read more »

Shirin, Elena

Elena Shirin (c) Wenzl McGowen

The vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, photographer and audio-visual artist ELENA SHIRIN just released her debut-album ‘From A to Be’  on Berlin-based record label Motor Music. Collaborations with producers/musicians like Demuja (A), Moon Hooch (US), Oehl (A), amongst others, allow the Viennese singer to … read more »

Sigrid Horn

Sigrid Horn (c) Magdalena Blaszczuk

The songwriter SIGRID HORN, originally from Lower Austria and now based in Vienna, is an artist that is able to make the most from very little and to transform tranquility into an all-encompassing force. On her debut album „sog i bin weg“ … read more »

Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis (c) Simon Lewis

With his debut single “All I Am” the Viennese singer-songwriter and former street musician Simon Lewis first seemed to come out of nowhere. True to his motto, that we can only achieve happiness when we drop our masks and stand by ourselves, … read more »

Sinfonia de Carnaval

Sinfonia De Carnaval (c) Maria Frodl

Sinfonia De Carnaval – comprised of Anna Lang and Alois Eberl on the cello, trombone, accordion, electronics, percussion and vocals – is inspired by the expressive tonal discours of Jazz using different elements of Classical music, Rock and Funk. Sinfonia De Carnaval … read more »

Sketchbook Quartet

Sketchbook Quartet (c) Christoph Hofbauer_web

Listening to the tracks of SKETCHBOOK QUARTET, there is definitely an initial element of surprise. Oh, so this is also how jazz can sound like! The music of the experimental friendly Viennese quartet has little to do with jazz in the classical … read more »

Sketches on Duality

Sketches On Duality (c) Ina Aydogan

Sketches on Duality is a hip hop / spoken word / jazz quintet straight out of Vienna’s vibrant music scene. The band project was founded in 2015 by musicians Helmut Mühlbacher (guitar), Felipe Scolfaro Crema (keys), Phillipp Kienberger (bass), Michael Prowaznik (drums) … read more »