Nathan Trent

Nathan Trent (c) Marko Mestrovic

NATHAN TRENT is a London-based singer, songwriter and performer in the genres Pop and R&B. Born in Austria, he was raised bilingually in Italian and German in an artistic family. He started writing his first songs when he was eleven years old. … read more »

Nenad Vasilic

Vasilic Nenad

Musical brilliance and lived inspiration: there is no other quite like him – a double bass player, a composer, an arranger and a complete rhythm section refined and rolled into one person: NENAD VASILIC has long been at the forefront of European … read more »

New Wellness

New Wellness is the solo project of Silvio Lenglachner. After his old band We Walk Walls broke up, Silvio Lenglachner found it difficult to make music, even listening to it was not enjoyable to him. He needed something new, had to get away, … read more »


Nimikry © Svetlana-Selezneva

Behind Nimikry are the composer and flutist Alessandro Baticci and the composer, violist and inventor Rafal Zalech. Rather than ignoring classical instruments, the duo attempts to expand their potential, with the help of innovative technologies, utilising them in new ways. The band … read more »

Oberst & Buchner

oberst&buchner by

Andreas Buchner & Sebastian Oberst have been a part of each other’s lives for some time; their history stretching all the way back to their hometown in Bavaria, where they experimented with guitars and different genres and even formed their own band … read more »


Oehl © Alexander Gotter

OEHL are the Viennese songwriter Ari Oehl and Icelandic multi-instrumentalist Hjörtur Hjörleifsson. Oehl are German lyrics growing in an especially tight knit atmosphere where melancholy meets ease, where floating meets dance. Transition is what might best describe Oehl’s offering. It is music … read more »

Ogris Debris

Ogris Debris (c) Andreas Waldschuetz

Ogris Debris are an internationally acclaimed producer duo straight out of Vienna and – hell yeah! – the lads know how to rock a stage! Rough and smooth at the same time, a tasty single malt, no ice. Their lively presence is … read more »

On Bells

On Bells encompasses a variety of styles and sounds shifting from ethereal lo-fi soul and synthpop to indie-techno-esque compositions and modern beatmaking. His electronic sounds, versatile vocals and guitar playing build the base for his songs, the feelings oscillate between romantic, dark … read more »

Orges & The Ockus-Rockus Band

ORGES & THE OCKUS-ROCKUS BAND – Orges Toçe’s voice is like a shovelful of gravel pickled in whiskey; his lyrics careen between cryptic sociopolitical pronouncements, back‐to-­the-­land utopianism, hymns to the bicycle and drunken philosophy. Orges & The Ockus­‐Rockus Band plays fingerpickin’ country … read more »

Oscar Antoli Quartet

Hailing from across Europe and from a wide range of musical backgrounds, the sounds that emerge from the collaboration of the musicians Oscar Antolí, Rainer Maria Nero, Marko Ferlan and Carlos Ronda are diverse and unique. The combination of mild, yet jovial … read more »