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Beat Furrer

BEAT FURRER was born in Schaffhausen (Switzerland) in 1954 and received his first musical training on piano at the Music School there. After moving to Vienna in 1975, he studied conducting with Otmar Suitner and composition with Roman Haubenstock Ramati at the Hochschule … read more »

Beat Poetry Club

Beat Poetry Club © Mariano Margarit

Beat Poetry Club is a female A Capella Soul-Pop formation based in Vienna. The band combines self composed songs and extraordinary a cappella arrangements with vivid choreographies. Beat Poetry Club feels settled in a genre where Soul meets crisp Hip Hop beats and vibrant … read more »

Bernhard Eder

Bernhard Eder (c) Nadine Schachinger

Bernhard Eder had his first musical success as the vocalist of the Band “Wa:rum” in the late nineties, kicked off his solo career in Berlin in 2006 and released his seventh album “Reset” in May 2019 – singer/songwriter Bernhard Eder has artistically … read more »


The story behind Bilderbuch is like a fairy-tale come true. From the humble beginnings as an under-appreciated school band in Upper Austria to international success – it’s all there. But Bilderbuch is anything but a classic rock-band, and anyone who takes a second … read more »

Billy Roisz

Lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Since the late 1990s, Billy Roisz has been dealing intensively with video and sound. Her work focuses on  the links and gaps between visual and auditive perception. Roisz questions the interaction between sound and image, the … read more »

Black Market Tune

Black Market Tune, Bandfoto © John Somerville

Black Market Tune combines New Acoustic Music with graceful twists and sexy swing. “Modern folk music with a Scottish backbone”, is how the young Austro-Scottish accordionist John Somerville describes this quartet. Black Market Tune are: Mira Lu Kovacs (vocals), Paul Dangl (violin, … read more »

Black Page Orchestra

Blackpage Orchestra (c) Igor Ripak

Named after a composition by Frank Zappa, the Black Page Orchestra has emerged as one of the most promising young ensembles in Austria within just a few years. Key to this is its consistent search for radical, uncompromising, and sometimes provocative pieces … read more »

Black Pulse

Having worked in different bands like Elektro Guzzi, Innode, Metalycée and Tumido in the fields of techno, noise, electronic and experimental music, Bernhard Breuer now presents his solo project. BLACK PULSE is pure rhythm. Hypnotizing beats, percussive melodies and dark drones are … read more »


Bratfisch, Bandfoto © Rafaela Proell

Connoisseurs of the Austrian music scene have been aware of bratfisch for ages. A live band that can turn every show into a rousing experience, their published works are even more convincing. Formed in Vienna in 2003, they have been playing with … read more »

Brigit Störm

There are no borders in art or music – a living example of this precept is the alternative Polish-Austrian artist Brigit Störm. Her debut album entitled ‘Prophet’ was released on October 02, 2020, promoted by an atmospheric title single. Brigit Störm is … read more »