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Bruch (c) Dino Spiluttini

BRUCH is the long-standing solo project of Philipp Hanich, based in Vienna / Austria. Experienced in pop culture’s diverse tropes and a wide range of subculture’s standard dances, Bruch leverages the allures of an emotionally charged crooner in lugubrious gray-black, just as much as he … read more »



Founded 1996, Bulbul is probably the most unconventional, trippy and deranged rock formation in Austria. With its signature layer of weirdness, this band is known for playing rock music with a special passion for gritty edges. Musically being nearly impossible to squeeze … read more »


Buntspecht (c) Mona Steinmetzer

Buntspecht consists of six musicians from Vienna, writing playful lyrics for mature adults – and for adults that never grew up. Buntspecht’s concerts can aptly be described as a musical stroke of luck. Neither head, belly, nor feet can escape the rousing … read more »

Burkhard Stangl

Guitarist and composer Burkhard Stangl works in the fields of improvisation, electronica and contemporary classical. Among many others he played, recorded and collaborated with musicians / groups / composers /artists like Anestis Logothetis, Franz Koglmann, Radu Malfatti, Gunter Schneider, John Butcher, Franz … read more »

Caitlin Smith

Caitlin Smith (c) Elisabeth Feryn

CAITLIN SMITH is a Canadian composer and writer based in Vienna. Her practice mines a wide variety of musical genres, exploiting both concrete and abstract aesthetic techniques to convey sung and spoken material on themes related to disability, feminism, and social inequality. … read more »

Camo & Krooked

Camo & Krooked, Bandfoto © Thomas Unterberger

Camo & Krooked are currently sweeping the globe by storm, playing at countless festivals and clubs, and causing euphoria and sensation with every show. The successful producer duo Camo & Krooked consists of longtime collaborators Reinhard Rietsch (Salzburg) and Markus Wagner (Lower … read more »

Cari Cari

Cari Cari

Not many bands manage to hit the international stage from the very beginning. But CARI CARI – aptly named the “lovechild of The XX and The Kills“ – have done it their way: first taking on the world and then Austria. Their single … read more »

Chili & The Whalekillers

Chili and The Whalekillers

The musical style of Chili & the Whalekillers is hard to assign to a specific genre or style category. Yes, the music of Chili Tomasson (vocals, guitar), Hjörtur Hjörleifsson (vocals, bass, guitar), Árni Hjörleifsson (saxophone, vocals), Michael Szedenik (guitar, piano, vocals) and Divad Barx Bitschnau … read more »

Christian Reiner

Christian Reiner is a poetry, prose and experimental text speaker. He works solo and in various formations on radio plays, theater projects, readings, concerts and CD recordings. His works are mostly found in the intermediate area of language and music. He has … read more »

Christoph Cech

Christoph Cech studied percussion, jazz piano, jazz theory and composition at the Conservatory of the City of Vienna and architecture at the Vienna University of Technology. Since the early 80’s he has appeared as a pianist, composer and conductor in numerous ensembles with … read more »