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Clara Luzia

Clara Luzia © Torsten Geyer

Clara Luzia is one of those musicians who doesn’t need many words to get her message across. Her music speaks for itself, and says more than a thousand words ever could. Clara Luzia’s is one of the most original voices to emerge … read more »

Cloud Cloud

Cloud Cloud (c) Lukas Besenfelder

Cloud Cloud is a dreamy guitar pop duo from Kiel and Vienna. The new German/Austrian indie duo of Marten Kaffke (Kids’n’Cats) and singer Katja Seiffert are entering soft, intimate realms. Their haunting, minimalistic melodies melt into atmospheric melancholy, capturing the familiar and the … read more »



The roots of this instrumental acoustic project lie in Barcelona, ​​where the two guitarists Mario Chehade (aka Rio Che) and Jakob Lackner (aka El Coba) used to perform as street musicians. In 2006 the violinist Herwig Schaffner (aka Herwigos) joined the duo … read more »

Conny Frischauf

Viennese musician and artist CONNY FRISCHAUF brings together elements of Krautrock, Synth Wave and obscure 70s/80s Jazz-Pop in wonderfully unpretentious numbers. These are mostly based on repetitive synth melodies, carried by tender melodies and wordplaying lyrics.


Coshiva, Portraitfoto 2013 © NewtonRec./Elsa Okazaki

The Salzburg born singer-songwriter Coshiva has ever since fascinated growing audiences  with her positive vibes and uplifting music. Creating delightful textures and sonic palates, the multi-instrumentalist blends piano with guitar, mandolin and ukulele to create her iconic joyful sound. The actual name Coshiva … read more »


Culk © Michael Wuermer

“Begierde/Scham” marks the first official release of CULK on Siluh Records. The sophomore formation around lead singer and front-woman Sophie Löw shines through strong and unpredictable melodic outbursts – going back and forth between meditative trance, boisterous essence and pure ecstasy. The … read more »

Der Nino aus Wien

Der Nino aus Wien © Der Nino aus Wien

Der Nino aus Wien is a fixed part of the Viennese cultural scene. With his lyrics and unique style of dialect singing, he stands in a line with the tradition of the so called Wienerlied. But Der Nino aus Wien wouldn’t have such … read more »

Die Strottern

Die Strottern - (c) Peter Mayr

For years the duo “Die Strottern” has been making a name for itself in the local music scene and has succeeded in being recognized as a fundamental institution on the Austrian music map. With their fresh and modern version of traditional Viennese … read more »

Die Wandervögel

Die Wandervögel, Bandfoto © Andrej Grilic

The young trio Die Wandervögel (ancient German for migratory birds) presents new arrangements of German, Austrian and Yiddish folksongs from the 1800ies till today. The repertoire includes also some self-composed “Wienerlied” songs or translations of Schubert. Die Wandervögel are a modern and humorous … read more »

Diknu Schneeberger Trio

Diknu Schneeberger Trio

Together with his father and former teacher, the exceptional talent Diknu Schneeberger is claimed to be one of the shining stars in the gypsy jazz scene. The Diknu Schneeberger Trio has already gained an outstanding international reputation and is known for its … read more »