Cid Rim

The world of CID RIM circles around the boundless magic and mythical formulas of funk. When speaking of his influences and musical socialisation, the Viennese producer and drummer of JSBL inevitably ends in the 70ies of the past century. Think of the … read more »

Clara Luzia

Clara Luzia © Torsten Geyer

Clara Luzia is one of those musicians who doesn’t need many words to get her message across. Her music speaks for itself, and says more than a thousand words ever could. Clara Luzia’s is one of the most original voices to emerge … read more »

Clementine Gasser

Clementine Gasser, born in Lucerne, Switzerland, studied at the conservatory of her hometown with Prof. Peter Leisegang and, from 1999-2002, jazz composition at the Conservatory of Vienna. Cooperations include: with Jeunesse Musicale, the Austrian Broadcasting ORF/Ö1 and the Vienna Burgtheater. Concert activity … read more »

Cloud Cloud

Cloud Cloud (c) Lukas Besenfelder

Cloud Cloud is a dreamy guitar pop duo from Kiel and Vienna. The new German/Austrian indie duo of Marten Kaffke (Kids’n’Cats) and singer Katja Seiffert are entering soft, intimate realms. Their haunting, minimalistic melodies melt into atmospheric melancholy, capturing the familiar and the … read more »



The roots of this instrumental acoustic project lie in Barcelona, ​​where the two guitarists Mario Chehade (aka Rio Che) and Jakob Lackner (aka El Coba) used to perform as street musicians. In 2006 the violinist Herwig Schaffner (aka Herwigos) joined the duo … read more »

Conny Frischauf

Viennese musician and artist CONNY FRISCHAUF brings together elements of Krautrock, Synth Wave and obscure 70s/80s Jazz-Pop in wonderfully unpretentious songs. These are mostly based on repetitive synth melodies, carried by tender melodies and word plays. After a couple of EPs – … read more »


Coshiva, Portraitfoto 2013 © NewtonRec./Elsa Okazaki

The Salzburg born singer-songwriter Coshiva has ever since fascinated growing audiences  with her positive vibes and uplifting music. Creating delightful textures and sonic palates, the multi-instrumentalist blends piano with guitar, mandolin and ukulele to create her iconic joyful sound. The actual name Coshiva … read more »


Culk (c) Antonia Mayer

The Viennese formation CULK presents their second album “Zerstreuen über Euch”. It is a declaration of war against deeply-rooted patriarchal structures. Last year, the group around singer & multi-instrumentalist Sophie Löw has created an “addictive sound” ( between Shoegaze and Post-punk with … read more »

Daniel Riegler

(c) Claudio Casanova

DANIEL RIEGLER works as a freelance performer, composer, ensemble director and producer of improvised contemporary and jazz related music.He performs regularly as trombonist with Klangforum Wien, as composer and ensemble director he has received commissions from well known ensembles and institutions (21er … read more »


DELADAP means “give me the beat” … and the name is its program for the EDM-Neo-Swing group which was founded in 2004 by Prague-born producer and mastermind Stani Vana in Vienna, with musicians from all over the former Austrian monarchy. While the … read more »