Ant Antic

Ant Antic (c) Nora Hollstein


Genre(s): Electronic
From: Vienna, Austria



08/02/19BeerfeldenSound of the ForestGermany


The Vienna/Berlin based duo ANT ANTIC released their debut album, “Wealth”, on Seayou Records. The freshman release from Tobias Koett and Marco Kleebauer checks off all the latest trends: striking vocals, loads of synths somewhere between pop and club sounds, and of course, electronic drums.

The marching order on “Wealth” is clear from the very beginning. Electro pop that can also work in a club. And thanks to the approachable vocals and the punchy and techno friendly synths, it is a combination that works.

Tobias Koett provides a voice that is melancholic enough to bring broody types on board but also provides a certain sex appeal. Ant Antic ‘s pre-release single “4Pole” is just one of many songs in which the vocals are enriched with electronic effects to help move the music in a club direction. The fiercely performed lyrics “Lucky phlegmatic me. I don’t care. Fuck off or fuck me” can easily be understood to be a reference to online dating apps which just emphasises their successful navigation of the contemporary zeitgeist.


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